Another New Goodies + Some Requested Pics

  1. I'm slow posting these.....last week I went back to the LV boutique in Chicago (on Wednesday) and while there decided to snap up this cutie!!! I really like it...but it was kind of a PITA to get back off the bag today!

    Also...below are some pics of the new Hermes twilly I bought and being modelled on my Stephen...per request of a couple people.

    Also....I just have to say....I took Stephen out yesterday and OMFG I LOVE this bag!!! I want them all now!! I never knew how much I liked shoulder/messenger bags!




  2. Pretty pretty stuff! Congrats on the charm and the twilly is also nice!!
  3. OMG, I LVOE the LVOE phone charm, lol.!

    I :heart: the Stephen, and the Twilly is beyond cute!

    YAY FOR TWIGGERS! :yahoo: :party:
  4. i'm going gaga over the stephen! i can't wait for the fall collection to come out w/ the bags that look similar to the stephen! love the twilly + charm too. :smile:
  5. Very nice! I love that charm!
  6. the Stephen is sooooo hot
  7. The charm and the Stephen are both super cute!
  8. that charm is so cute ! i want one :smile: congrat's and do enjoy(thumbs up)
  9. It all looks great. I enjoyed the pictures.
  10. paramour, lol!!!
  11. I love everything stephen is amazing !!!
  12. congrats!
  13. twiggers, love it!!!
  14. The charm is so pretty, I have yet to see it IRL but I love the crystals on the LV. Looks stunning on your Stephen!
  15. Love your stephen and charm. Congrats.