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  1. Hi ladies, I'm usually a Chloe girl, or Miu Miu :heart:
    I recently fell in love with the nightingale and was hoping for some input from those who have one/ many ;)
    Ok so I want black, lamb and a medium (thanks to those who put up pix it really helps!) I know lamb will scratch easier than say calf, but I'm hoping to see/ hear how your bags have aged?
    Ive got a set list of bags I'm wanting now, I'm not planning on buying, using for a while then buying another- if that makes sence so I'd like to hear how these bags hold up over time.
    How do you maintain? I already have sets of LMB for my other bags, some are of corse more effort than others!
    How about water staining? Sun fading?
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I own a black nightingale in lamb. It's really a gorgeous bag. But the bag is only with me for a short while, so I don't know how durability it is. Anyway I'm getting a calf soon as I just don't want to too worry about lamb skin bag :p There is a thread discussing about leather of nightingale :smile:
  3. Thanks, I'll have a look at the thread :smile: