another new bag, this one cute..

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  1. heres my new 2008 moka capsule bag.

    its a great size, and the leather is so thick on it!

    what do you think?:shrugs:
    not the best pics sorry, will take some modeling pic later when i get time!:shame:

  2. Very cute, how big is she?
  3. 10.5 inches (27 cms) long
    6.5 inches (16cms) high
    2.5 inches (6 cms)wide
  4. VERY VERY CUTE....congrats
  5. Darling BMB! As tiny as you are, this one should suit you to a tee!
  6. yes its a great size for me isnt it!?
  7. I love your new bag... What happened to your ban? (What happens to bans, anyway?)
  8. I love that it is gold hardware. I like that better than silver hardware on paddys. Not on the anthacrite though. That would look weird if it was gold hardware:lol: Anyways that is really cute. I quite like one myself. Would be nice for evenings out as well I assume.
  9. Super cute. I love this styles but I am debating myself to buy more. So maybe later! the silver ( pop up on Ebay frequently) so super cute too
  10. Cute - congrats!!
  11. Yet ANOTHER gorgeous bag. Congratulations b*m*b*!!:tup:
  12. Oh Mariabdc... we forgot to tell you! BAN means Buy ANother!:roflmfao:
  13. I have this bag, too. I love it. It is my DH's favorite so far. Aren't you getting new purses very fast pace, are you? ;)
  14. She is very cute bmb! Just adoreable. Lovely colour.
  15. Lovely! :heart:

    Isn't the leather on this so silky smooth? I really like the leather finish. I tried on a silver shoulder bag in the boutique here and I just couldn't stop stroking it, it was so soft! The S.A. thought I was crazy, kept putting the bag down then picking it up again to "pat" it! :roflmfao:

    Took all my willpower to walk out that store and not buy it. The $1,200 price tag helped me leave! :P