Another new baby!!!

  1. So, I posted earlier this morning about the Damier Azur Pouchette Accessories that I bought yesterday to set off a new outfit. Well, although I had been contemplating a Pouchette, I had never bought one. Let me tell you, this little bag is awesome! So awesome that I went out and bought the Ebene version this afternoon!! Since it is kinda small, my Nomade Koala wallet fits, but doesn't leave room for much else. So, I'm using my Epi Schilling Coin Purse as a wallet. The front pocket comfortably holds my driver's license and a bunch of cards and the zippered part holds a ton of change. On a side note, the Epi accessories in Cannelle are a perfect compliment to Monogram and Damier bags. Check out the pix of my new girls!!!! :wlae:
    Dam & Schill.jpg schilling.jpg sisters.jpg
  2. congrats on your new goodies! i never thought about the cannelle w/ the damiers...but it looks great. :smile:
  3. woahhh that is such a cute little epi piece, i love it!! and love all your new goodies too!
  4. haha- pochette addiction! Love the twins!
  5. YES, the Cannelle matches the LV and fleurs perfectly on the monogram canvas, but I discovered today that it goes well with the Damier too. I was feeling that monogram bags with monogram accessories was a bit "much," so I tried the Nomade and Epi. The Cannelle Epi really sets it off, hands down!!!
  6. I love your pochettes! Congrats!
  7. congrats!
  8. Cograts on your twins!:graucho:
  9. Congratulations.
  10. pochettes are wonderful! congratulations on another great buy.
  11. Congrats! They are all so cute.:smile:
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. Ooh. They look so good together. :biggrin:
  14. I love that epi piece! Congrats on your little beauties.
  15. Congratulations!!! Those look great together, canelle is pretty on it's own but really pops with the mono....ackkkk more to buy, you are totally at fault too [at least that's what I'm telling DH when he asks why I need another wallet.