Another "My First Mulberry" post

  1. My trip to NYC was a success! The Mulberry shop on Madison Ave. was great, the SAs were all very nice, and helped me pick out just the right bag. I love her so much, I had to pack my Balenciaga in my backpack and carry Ms. Mulberry on the trip home.

    Here she is. Hmmm...don't you wonder what's in the bag? :devil:

  2. That's so mean- SHOW ME WHAT'S IN THE BAG!!!!!!!!!
  3. :woohoo::dothewave::drool: Wohoo! Congrats on your new bag!!! I really want to go to the Mulberry Store at NY. Now what you got? :lol:
  4. Ok give us a CLUE!!! Bayswater? :graucho:
  5. Awwww. Am I that predictable? :p
  6. You are playing with us! Show and tell all! :graucho:
  7. WHAT COLOR??? :woohoo:
  8. OK peeps, you've suffered long enough. :yes:

    She is indeed a Bayswater, in basic black Darwin, with plain brass hardware. Nothing flashy or spectacular, but I just :heart: this bag! Ms. Bays was a great airplane carryon, she fit my usual stuff plus a Nintendo DS, a few Godiva truffles, and a bottle of water with room to spare...but I have to be careful not to load her up too much or she gets heavy. With normal day-to-day stuff inside, though, she's surprisingly light for a big bag.

    Here she is on my desk at work. Sorry about the crappy iPhone pics, will take some better ones later. I almost took a modeling shot in the big hotel mirror while I still had my black pinstriped suit on, but after walking 15 blocks I couldn't stand the thought of putting my heels back on.:sweatdrop:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Gorgeous gorgeous, classic, gorgeous, classic, gorgeous fabulous!
  10. ROFL! :roflmfao: But so true!
  11. Classy and GORGEOUS! :cutesy: BEAUTIFUL!!!
  12. Lovely. A great bag. Look forward to those modelling pics.
  13. Fantastic- great choice!
  14.!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  15.!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO GORGEOUS! I would love a Bayswater but I think it would get wrecked with my lifestyle and Sophie(16mths)at the mo!! Ooooooooohhhhhh I bet you can't stop smiling at it!!!!!!!!! Well done its beautiful!