Another Minkoff Morning After Mini question...

  1. I reeeeeally like the look of the Morning After Mini in Elephant, but I dont really like to carry bags on the crook of my arm. Does this bag sit nicely on the shoulder or does it keep slipping down?

    TIA :tup:
  2. Mine sits on my shoulder without a coat. It won't fit with even my light leather jacket. Maybe it's just mine that has shorter straps, but I'm not that big.
  3. I can wear mine with a light layer, but definitely not a winter coat. On the other hand, I can wear the RM Mantinee over my thickest wool coat and it'll stay put on my shoulder.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but can't you also order straps for those bags? I thought I'd read that in a past post.
  5. ^Yeah

    Call Rebecca Minkoff's office and they will ship you a shoulder strap for $35

  6. do they have these straps in all colors?
  7. ^ Yep!
  8. Oooh a shoulder strap! Anyone got any modelling pics of their bags with one?
  9. I'd love to see modeling pics of MAB and MAM with shoulder strap too - they always win me over :yes: