another mini-twiggy on ebay...don't know color though and a grey city

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  1. thanks for the heads up, chigirl!
  2. the grey city is a good deal, i think. like i said, i have the exact one and think the color is great. any idea the color of the mini?
  3. yeah, the city is a great deal and that leather looks really good! good luck to the winner of that gorgeous bag!

    i'm taking a stab in the dark and guessing that is origan in the mini twiggy.
  4. thanks! i hadn't seen any minis for the current season so wasn't sure of the color but origan sounds right.
  5. yeah, it has that muddy green color so i think that's it.
    i'm dying with that grey city though....
  6. you should get it. i have the same one (I already said that twice, i know). i prefer the darker grey to the current season's grey. the leather (at least on mine) is not the old leather but not the new either. sort of in between if that makes sense.
  7. I love the grey City, but i don't think I like the colour of the mini twiggy.....

    Thanks for posting chigirl!
  8. i think the mini twiggy is probably olive green from 05, love that grey city...
  9. I would love to get it....but i am trying to practice self-control ;) :lol:
  10. maybe it is olive. that would make sense because i really have not seen any 2006 mini bbags.

    booyah -- sorry. :shame:
  11. whoops, sorry!
  12. I am really starting to like grey bbags :smile:
  13. the grey city was previously listed twice, and both times it didn't sell. i almost bid for the city the last time it was on sale, but something held me back....somebody buy it before I spend another $900!!!