Another Mini-ngful reveal for my sis/niece

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  1. wow!
    a message from the owner hahah!!!
    cya later sis!
  2. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  3. Gorgeous mini - and the bag is nice too! LOL:smile:
  4. Cute minis and adorable niece!
  5. Congrats!!! love the mini!
  6. in behalf of my baby sis and my niece THANK YOU for all the sweetest comments!
    you really warm our hearts!
  7. cute modeling pics Bornsocialite and Sam!!! ;)

    jackietong: awwww.. she's so adorable. My daughter's name is Sam too. The mini flap looks gorgeous on her, im wondering though if she complains about the weight. My daughter Sam, who just turned two would always grab my medium flap when she sees me carrying it but she looks overpowered, funny thing is that she pretends like it doesn't bother her at all. :wlae: