Another Mini Lin Question

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  1. I am some what new to LV. I just recently bought a BH and a the Marais. I am really enjoying my BH. I am trying to get a nice variety of bags. So I thought a Mini Lin Speedy would be the perfect choice. That way I get the classic Speedy and a Mini Lin.

    Sorry if these are stupid questions.

    It is the Brown Mini Lin. What is that exact color called?

    Also how durable is it. I do I have to be extra careful with it.
    What I really love about it is I get to get a speedy and I get the dark brown handles. No Vachetta handles. I know I also get this with Damier but I already have the one Damier LV.

    Here is my current collection of purses
  2. The color is called Ebene and it is SUPER durable and you really don't have to be careful w/ it. I don't baby mine and it still looks great!
  3. I have the bucket and the ebene mini lin doesn't require any babying whatsoever. It handles bad weather, water and dirt very well. The linen also doesn't pill or pull any further than when you first buy it.
  4. Its called ebene. I havent had any of the mini lin line although I love the ebene color as well. My SA told me that the material is easy to snatch and you can see a run on the material and she showed me an example. Which is way I am kinda hesitant. Anyone else with input?
  5. Ebene or Ebony the Mini Lin is gorgeous and very worry free like the Damier Ebene.;)