Another mention of Rebecca Minkoff in the news

  1. I admit that the article is more based on handbags as a whole, but when I see Rebecca Minkoff's name being listed side by side by the heavy hitters in the handbag industry, I get so excited! I agree with the article a lot and love the fact that the author is highlighting the fact that its not always all about the big-money bags, and that lesser known brands can be just as desirable, kwim??
  2. Thanks for sharing the article, Gung! Good read! :tup:
  3. ^Your welcome! Im glad that you enjoyed it.
  4. GUNG you're always on top of this stuff.... *high five* Thanks for sharing!
  5. Right ON!!!
  6. Thanks for the article GUNG!

    I wonder if the writer is a tPFer or has been a guest on here....
  7. ^ If it were, it would be GUNG!!! :supacool: