Another member seeking size advice


2 precious boys' mom
Oct 28, 2007
For the classic flap, I like the look of the medium better than the jumbo but the medium can contain only that much. I am looking to buy a reissue but is torn between a 226 or a 227 - I would like to carry more but don't like the look of the jumbo. Would you ladies please advise me on the following:

a)I gather that the 226 size is close to the medium. Can the 226 contain more or less than the medium? If more, how much more?

b)Are the chains on the jumbo longer than the chains on the 227?

c)Is the 227 as bulky/boxy as the jumbo?

d)Can anyone post pictures of what they carry inside a 226 and a 227?

Thank you very much.


Nov 14, 2006
A) 226 (11'L) is bigger than the classic medium/large (10'L)
B) Yes
C) No - reissues have a "softer bottom" therefore not as bulky as the Classic Jumbo
D) If no one post pics., there some pics.@ the reference threads.