Another MarcLV123 Original Dress!! *pics*

  1. So I finally got my sewing machine and this is what I cranked out. Hope everyone likes it I used a Vouge Pattern from Jo-Ann's Fabric store. Its not perfect but its my first time on a machine I self taught my self to use
    dress 001.jpg dress 002.jpg dress 003.jpg dress 004.jpg
  2. Very cool! Congrats!
  3. i wish i had a gift as yours
  4. It looks great. I know how a use a sewing machine, but I don't think I could ever put anything like that together. Good job!
  5. i really like it!! design my prom dress ha! you do have a gift for this, its very obvious.. congrats!
  6. that is pretty damn good for a first timer! i dont even think i could do that on my 10th try, nice job!
  7. Aw! That's so cute and pretty and stuff. Awesome job.
    I wish I could sew. My mom was a home-ec major and can sew anything. She made my prom dress for me. This apple fell faaaar away from the tree and rotted quickly.
  8. You're good. Ill be your model and oh yeh can I keep all the clothes and make crazy Diva demands:hysteric:? JK:lol:
  9. Wow that's wonderful!! and that's your 1st time?? Impressive!!!
    don't stop cause you have a gift :biggrin:
  10. im impressed :heart: ur talented dear:heart:
  11. I ican't believe that was your first time on a sweing machine! I would have sewed myself to the machine and my DH would have had to cut me loose!
  12. Great design!!! Very nice job!
  13. Very cool. I agree with everyone else, you definitely have talent. Remember us when you're a famous designer!:yahoo:
  14. awesome for a first timer.
  15. Self-taught??? I took classes, and can barely sew a straight seam. Maybe you'll be on Project Runway someday! Very good.