ANOTHER MarcLV123 Original Dress?!*PICS*

  1. Here you go guys I just finished my 4th and best dress. Its a dark blue knit with red buttons its by far my favorite and best design yet! Please tell my your suggestions and/or criticism. Pics of the dress are kinda bad because my moms camera is screwey.
  2. The dress is very very cute!!! You got mad skills!!

    However, tPF rules says that there is no selling on the forum!
  3. Adorable!
  4. cute dress!
  5. You've got some talent! I likes.
  6. very charming
  7. Very nice!! I love it!!
  8. Cute dress! You have talent!
  9. Very cute! You are so talented! You should sign up for the Market Plaza, then you can sell all of your wonderful designs there!