Another Mahina question!! HELP!!

  1. Hi All,

    I have sort of dilemma on hand. I asked my SA to locate a black Mahina XL and she got it in two days now it's waiting for me to pick it up.

    My problem is that I am surprising my wife with this bag for Vday and I know she's been eyeing the bag for awhile but she also waitlisted for the XS because she not quite sure about size.

    My dilemma is whether to go ahead and get her the XL or wait for the XS and let her pick one. I've talked to the SA and she told me that the XS Mahina will not be as good looking as the XL, the XS is totally reworked and it doesn't have that slouchy look the bag was designed to be. They could have pretty much brought out the XS as a new model because it doesn't really compare to the XL.

    My wife is 5 ft 6 so I think the XL is a good size for her. XS will be another handheld bag she rarely use.

    What do you all think?? I just don't want to let the XL go and later on she does not like the Xs we won't be able to get another XL.

    Also, not going to let her have both bags! for that much money I can almost pay for a leather Birkin for her.
  2. I think you should get the XL. 5'6" is a great height for the XL. I am sure that she will love it. Best of Luck!
  3. If I was 5'6" I would get the XL as I think that height can definitly carry this size, whereas it's a bit iffy on us shorter women. I also agree with the SA, although I am waitlisted for the XS I have real doubts on this bag - I dislike the single strap, (love the double handles on the XL), dislike the re-worked opening (zipper) and the overall shape has lost something in the translation.
    Get the XL. Good Luck.
  4. You're a very sweet man ! :graucho:

    I think she has the height to carry an XL, I'd get that for sure !
  5. WOW-- what a great Vday gift!! def get the XL... I am only 5'3" and I can carry the XL... GO FOR IT!! she will love it... when you give it to her she can always return/exchange it if she decides she wants the XS... but after what you have learned about the XS I'm sure she will stick with the XL
  6. You can check out my thread that I posted last week about this exact same thing. I'm the same height as your wife and went with the XL, but the one they located for me was imperfect so I have to take it back. :sad: Hopefully they found a perfect one for your wife.
  7. definitely the XL!!!
  8. Thanks for all the replies, I think I am going to go ahead with the XL. I think once she has it in her hand she will not want to let it go.

    I will carefully inspect the bag when I go pick it up so I don't run into the same issue as jellybebe
  9. I agree, the XL for sure. I usually am not a big bag type of person but I def want the mahina xl, that is one HOT BAG!!

    Just waiting to win the lottery so I can go get it!! :popcorn:
  10. oh and make sure to get the matching wallet if you can find's super cute!!
  11. get the XL!
  12. I am a height-challenged Mahina XL wearer and love her! I agree about the XS being a totally different look. XL is also a better price than the XS.

    Your wife is sooo lucky!!!
  13. oh XL would be a good fit! gosh I wish I kept mine....arghhhhhh
  14. I am 5'6" & no way would I carry the xs, the xl is fab! Lucky lady!
  15. The xl so much prettier than the look of the xs