Another Magenta RH, woohoo!!

  1. Ok so i wasnt gonna get one and then seeing all yours i got really jealous and called BalNY and actually got one!!! The leather is soooooo smooth like no wrnkles or veins, its like none of my other bags AT ALL!! I think i really like it, its just so weird for me to see one that not all broken in (the only magentas i've seen) i cant wait to wear it out the color is sooo different and so great for this season or grey and jeweltones...ok let me stop babbling and show you my bag:yahoo:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. congrats Lo!!! yea I have an "urge" too to call/email Daphne and get the LE if they have any left... but I really love the SGH on this (& I thought rh on magenta is really enough!)... however, I dont like the GH on the city style... oh why did they have to make it only in the city?! anyways... MOD PICS PLEASE!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Good for you!! It is smashing!:yes:
  6. LO, way to score!!! Congrats, she is BEAUTIFUL!
  7. congrats...model pic please...:woohoo:
  8. so gorgeous, congrats!!
  9. Gosh..seeing all these beautiful LE magenta make me wanna call BalNY real bad~!! And i live in Thailand...haha

  10. Awww congrat Lo! :nuts:
    I can totally relate to the excitement!!
    She's a beauty..enjoy her in full health! :woohoo:
  11. Congrats.....she's a beauty!!
  12. Congrats Lo! I just received mine too (suppose to be overnighted but was sent regular ground sheeesh!) I can't wait for this baby to break in so I'm carrying her today even though I'm wearing green and looking ridiculous!lol..
  13. very pretty congratulations!
  14. Thanks guys!!! you always make me feel so good about my addiction, lol

    Blue_hour_girl i love your pug

    Malleysmama i wore mine today too, to class in my scrubbiest jeans tee and ballet flats, lol i couldnt help myself i too want to get it all broken in and slouchy
  15. Congrats.:yahoo: It is beautiful.:wlae: