another magenta poll... magenta vs. electric blue


LE magenta or 08 eccentric blue?

  1. keep waiting for LE magenta. will love how the color POPs.

  2. bail out while i can and get a more versatile color like eccentric blue

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  1. i know you guys may be getting tired of all this magenta drama but it really is hard to decide!

    so to give you a quick overview, i had ordered the LE magenta because i just love the color and how it pops. also the fact that it's LE pushed me over to purchase but as you all know, the delivery of these bags have been substancially delayed and 08 magenta is soon to come out.

    i currently don't own any balenciaga bags. i did have an aquamarie city but sold it in attempt to get a french blue (which was my first choice) but that order had been canceled so now i have nothing. :crybaby:

    so my dilemma is:

    1. to wait for the LE magenta
    2. wait and see 08 magenta or get 08 electric blue

    i love the color magenta but i wear jeans a lot and i don't know how versatile it will be with my wardrobe. and being french blue my first choice (and probably more versatile... no?) maybe i should just wait for the electric blue which they say is going to be close resemblance of FB?

    i only want to get one for now. i would have to wait for at least another month for the LE magenta but i know they are allowing us to cancel the order now so maybe i should bail out while i can? or should i just stick to LE magenta and later if i really like the 08 magenta or 08 electric blue more i could always sell LE and get what i want?

    sorry for the long post. i'm rambling cuz i can't decide...
  2. to me, Magenta wins over anything!

    be patient...
  3. LoL...eccentric blue...I like that name better than electric blue. ;) I would stick w/the LE Magenta order. That way you'll not have to regret it later. You'll always be able to sell it if you prefer electric blue or the new magenta.
  4. i was confused but didn't bother to check. thank you for correcting me! :sweatdrop:
  5. No problem...I really did like your name, though... ;)
  6. I picked to get the electric blue. If magenta isn't your necessarily your favorite, then why bother getting the bag only to have the hassle of selling it? I, too, am excited about the electric blue, which I think is a fabulous color.
  7. see but i look at this and i'm like :drool::drool::drool:

    (i stole this pic from this forum but can't remember who this belongs to... sorry!)

    would you say this pic depics the color well? or is magenta more dark and purple-ish IRL? as crazy as it sounds, i've never even seen magenta IRL yet which makes the decision even more difficult!! :push:
  8. I say go with french blue since that was your 1st :heart:
  9. French blue because it'll go with just about everything!:tup:
  10. Wait...electric blue is not necessarily the equivalent of french blue. We havent even seen the swatch yet, have we?
  11. I voted to wait for Electric Blue: that's what I'm doing :yes:
  12. I say stay with the LE magenta, and then see in January or end of the year, if you love electric blue or 08 magenta better!

    If you are not sure what to do now, you may regret it soon when the magentas start rolling in!
  13. I am SOOOO excited for electric blue!!! :heart: But you must consider the fact that I am one of those boys who has never been fond of pink. I'd say go with your first choice and wait for the blue.
  14. To answer the earlier question, that gorgeous picture maybe doesn't fully represent the purpleness in Magenta '05. It is a fabulous, amazing, pretty eye-popping color. Peruse the magenta club house thread. French blue is almost to blue what magenta is to pink, IMO. Another fabulous jolt of color. I really believe the spring version of Magenta and electric blue will be great colors, but they won't duplicate the originals. They are unknown, for now, though we have some pretty reliable information. I'd say maybe stick with the LE, which I believe you can sell if necessary later. It's a chance for a pristine bag at retail in one of the standout old colors and in a classic style. OR give it up if you find a French blue you love.
  15. that is me and my magenta :heart:

    i have to say that magenta is very hard to photograph. it is brighter and slightly darker IRL. that is how i see magenta. maybe some of the other girls who own magenta can describe it better to you.

    if french blue was your first love then maybe you should wait out for the electric blue. plus, there is also the 08 magenta in case you change your mind after seeing EB.