Another Magenta Beauty To Fight Over!!!!

  1. She's a lovely seller. And her items are always in pristine condition! Go for it girls! =)
  2. Already gone..:sad: Did anyone on here get it?
  3. Gosh that is pretty!

    Is this color more purple-ish or more pink-ish would you say???
  4. Whoa, what a wonderful price for that one!
  5. it looks like its still available.
  6. Congratulations on the sale, Fiat!
  7. I know nothing about this stuff but what I read on atelier's site - so if I have offended anyone or cried wolf, please both accept my apologies and let me know.
  8. from the picture it seems like she wound it herself so maybe that's what she meant?
  9. ^^ the bag is authentic!
  10. The bag is authentic. Congratulations Fiatflux! =)
  11. I love how she posts so many pics. Nice!

  12. Oh I agree!!! It's frustrating when there is only one or two pictures, but then again with ebay fees I guess it's understandable. Congrats fiat! That went quick!!!