*Another LVR Heloise Handle Disaster*

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  1. I am glad it worked out with LVR so quickly. Hopefully it wont happen with other bags but probably it wont. It might also be fixable with a leather repairman but would feel uncomfortable handing in a Chloe with some random guy who shall fix.
  2. Not to throw on wet towel on all of this rejoicing, but remember the little thread dealing with Super Fakes? We were wondering if LV and Diabro were dealing with such and perhaps being Mafia related was the reason why? Those threads ran into the hundreds and it's ironic to me that with all the Heli's out there, it's the ones from LV that are breaking (or did I miss something?). SIA if I did? Just an observation?
  3. Susie I think they was one from another store which broke too
  4. UGH.....how unfortunate and what headaches! For a bag at this pricepoint and reputation, you would think that the quality would be there - as a given.

    Now, FWIW......and my intent is not to "bash" Chloe' - but I was shopping last Fall at Liberty's in London and spent A LOT of time there looking at all sorts of bags and their very helpful SA informed me upon looking at their Chloe line that this line was their "problem child".....too many returns from faulty workmanship: handles coming apart, seams ripping loose, etc. Needless to say, I didn't purchase a Chloe from them......went w/a Mulberry.
  5. I was thinking the EXACT same thing.

  6. As I said on that thread, too, I personally think LVR are fine, as I believe they are authorised Chloe retailers, aren't they?

    LVR are just not authorised to sell Chloes online, as the only website that is authorised to do so is NAP.

    Whereas, Diabro are not authorised to sell Chloe either online, or instore; although they claim their parent company (which appears to be linked to an autoparts shop, or something?) is.

    There were also claims that Diabro were Yakuza-run, but I don't think there were any real claims that LVR were Mafia run, were there? :shrugs:
  7. #37 Jun 18, 2008
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008

    I think the quality of materials and make is, or was, there; it's the consistency and quality control that's always been lacking. :yes:

    I think part of the problem, is that, unlike many other designers, Chloe like to be at the cutting edge; always producing new styles and utilising new leather finishes, embellishments etc..

    The problem with that, is that they may not be properly tried and tested.

    For example, the gold beads on the beaded version of the Ida clutch were sharp and eventually, sawed through their thread. :sweatdrop:

    If Chloe were slower to produce new styles and experiment with new finishes, of course there would be far fewer problems, but, on the other hand, they would sacrifice the constantly changing array of styles that draws many people to the brand in the first place (not that I've been that enamoured, of late, but still, speaking generally here...).

    Other companies who push the envelope also have problems - Prada with their Fairy Bag, for example, but I still think it's a far more interesting world with them on board; as long as they refund in full, if there is a problem and once they've realised there's an issue, make sure to correct it before relaunching the same style in subsequent months/seasons. :yes:

    Re. seams ripping loose - I think that almost always happens when people overload bags, TBH.

    An inability to carry heavy loads is not a sign of lack of quality, in itself, it just demonstrates that soft, high quality, unstructured (or semi-structured) bags were not really designed to carry a ton of heavy stuff; if that's what is required, it may be better to go with a more workhorse type brand and/or a more structured style, in a tougher leather. :smile:
  8. I thought LVR was LVMH owned anyway? I'm not sure where I got that from though...I know they have eluxury in the US, I thought LVR was their European site? I could be wrong:shrugs:

    The problem with soft leather bags is, like chloehandbags says, they are not really very sturdy like a canvas bag or a stiff leather bag. They are very stylish though :heart:
  9. That makes the most sense to me, CHB. I agree with your thinking about the introduction of new untried features. Chloe did try to amend the problem of shorter Heloise handles at one point with introducing the same style with much longer shoulder straps. They should have tested the weight carrying capabilities a tad more. You must be right that while these luxury bags may LOOK like carry on luggage, they are not meant to perform that way.
  10. Great post, CHB. Makes sense, :yes:.

  11. Oh, I haven't heard about that before - I always thought they were an authorised independent Italian boutique, who just happened to also sell online?

  12. Yes, exactly. :yes:

    Very well (and succinctly!) put, div. :tup:

  13. Thanks, acshih! :shame: :flowers:
  14. :tup: Well LVR came up trumps. The bag went back last Tuesday and on Friday I was notified that they'd refunded my credit card in full. I was very sad to see my Choco Heli go :crybaby:and I must admit I will now be wary from now on about overloading my other two Helis :sweatdrop: (I sold the Or last week too...it was a big week for Heli action round this way :rolleyes:).

  15. I could be wrong. I was reading a book the other day about LMVH and I might have mixed the sites up in my head :shame: You're probably right! :yes:

    Eta: yeah, you're right. they're independent.
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