*Another LVR Heloise Handle Disaster*

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  1. Oh my God, another one???can't believe in this...LVR is showing some bad signals about it's reputation! Myself bought a Saskia in Purple and it came with some small scratches, if i was not "so inloved" with it i would want a refund!
  2. My guess is that they don't 'recall' the bags because it's not a dangerous situation like a car or a drug. Nobody is going to die because their handle falls off, they'll just be sad and mad.
  3. I am really sorry this happened with your bag Tag. It is horrifying hearing that it has happened twice. There must be something a bit dodgy with Heloise handles. I havent had a problem with mine yet. I am sure LVR will refund you on this though. Chloe ought to be able to take back bags that have been defected like this.
  4. I am so sorry, Tag... But, looking on the bright side, with the money from your or and the refund you will be able to afford a magnificent bag... Every cloud has a silver lining!
    PS I hope they get it sorted out very soon :smile:
  5. Elin your English is really good :tup:

    Tag I am so sorry this has happend to you! I can't believe that's 3 Heloises that we now know about! I remember I bought a Craie Paddy from Harvey Nichs a couple of years back and within a week the handle had broke on that too! Hmmmmm....Chloe quality control leaves a lot to be desired :cursing:

    Good luck with getting your refund. Sounds like you will get one but could be a lot of hassle!:sad:
  6. All these Heloise incidents are making me anxious about mine that's coming (still with FedEx). Tagullah and Elinj- I hope you do get that refund. I'm with you on not accepting anything less. It's a very expensive bag, even at 50% off. Please keep us posted.
  7. Really sorry to hear of your Heloise problems, Tag. It really isn't good enough that a high priced designer allows seemingly poor quality items to be sold to customers. I really hope that LVR comes up trumps and refunds you speedily and efficiently. Keep us posted.
  8. Tag : I'm so sorry to hear that. I love Heloise, i own 2 and now I'm scare to using it. Actually, i just put cosmetic case, wallet, key chain, PSP game, phone, hand lotion....now I'm affraid...it shouldn't happen for the bag cost $xxxx
  9. Wow, there are definitely some manufacturing issues with some of these Heloise bags. This is currently my favorite Chloe style, but this is not good news.
  10. Ah Tag really sorry about your handle I hope you get it sorted soon I'm sure you will be able to get a refund
    I have already decided if mine breaks I would just try and get it repaired as I really love the colour and wouldn't want to send it back but I understand why you would want to
    Its a shame that Chloe won't take it in to their London store and repair it as you are in London they could let you take it back there
  11. ^ Yes, I continue to be really annoyed that Chloe don't just stand by their products and take them in for repair at any store. :tdown:
  12. :ty:for all your support with this latest Heli debacle girls. LVR have been very good and agreed to a refund more or less straight away. They had the bag collected by Fed Ex today, so it should be back in Italy soon and my credit card will be refunded as soon as they receive the bag.

    :tdown:It's a great shame because I loved :heart: the Choco Heli and I am now concerned that the same fate might befall my other beloved Heli bags, but so far there aren't any signs of this happening and I've used the Prune and Noir bags quite alot. Oh well, just another sign that I should cut my losses and halt my Heli collection here I guess...:closed:
  13. So sorry you had to return it, when you loved it, but it's great that they agreed to refund so swiftly! :tup:
  14. Yes - I was surprised at the speed as well. Perhaps they wised up and were reading these posts! Computers were all over the store!
  15. ^ Yes, that doesn't surprise me! :nogood:

    They certainly seemed pretty quick to respond to a thread about a Chloe Ollie, last year (although, the two very new members denied they were from LVR, of course!). :lol:
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