*Another LVR Heloise Handle Disaster*

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  1. ...and another handle bites the dust :cursing:. I was out shopping with my brand new Choco Heli that I bought in the LVR sale and suddenly it felt strange on my shoulder, whereupon I looked down and discovered that one of the handles had completely detached itself from the hardware and was just hanging loose :wtf:.

    Basically the leather at the base of the handle is all split and the material inside it is all frayed away...and I wasn't even carrying a particularly heavy load at the time :shrugs:.

    I contacted LVR straight away and was told to send them an email with pics of the broken handle. There's NO WAY :nogood: I'm accepting anything other than a refund on this and if I have to have a fight :boxing:with them to get it, I will.

    There's no excuse for a bag of this price, on sale or otherwise, to break after two outings :nogood:. I know that someone else on the forum has had the same problem with a Heli from LVR, so I wonder if they were just a bad batch :confused1: ? Nothing like this has happened to my other Helis and I've carted a ton of stuff around in them.

    Anyway, I'll update on the situation as soon as I hear back from LVR but I hope I'm definitely not going to wait 4 weeks to get a response from them :tumbleweed:, like the other poor TPF'er with the broken bag.
  2. OMG, I don't guess I will be buying a heli in NY! Too many horror stories!! Good luck, I would be furious!!
  3. Well the exact same thing happend to me ! I just got a mail from LVR this afternoon saying that they would give me a full refund :happydance: but that was after a month and millions of mails :cursing:

    So keep on fighting !
  4. Oh no! It was such a pretty bag too!

    I hope they can refund you :yes:
  5. Elin, can you tell me why it took them so long to refund you ? How quickly did they supply you with the returns authorization number, how quickly did you return the bag to them and how long did it take after you'd sent the bag back did they authorise the refund ? Did they ask you to send them photos of the damaged bag ? I'd be really grateful if you could let me know exactly how the saga unfolded for you ( also which colour was your bag and was it a sale purchase ?). Thanks. Glad you finally got your refund in the end though :tup:.
  6. Oh my god thats awful! I find these stories so sad because the point isn't even really the refund, it's the upset of having the thrill of a new bag and taking it out for the first few times then that experience being ruined because of a defect like this. Even if you replaced it, it's not quite the same is it? I don't see any reason for LVR to drag their heels with this. Ok they don't accept returns on sale items but if items are faulty thats a different story and it should be in their interest to sort it out as quickly as possibly. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    I really want a prune Heloise- I hope it is just a bag batch and not some sort of construction flaw. Then again I suppose it has only happen to a few people- sorry you were one of them :sad:
  7. Tag, are you going to replace it or go another direction with the refund?
  8. Oh, Awful. So sorry about this disaster....Hope LVR can resolve this quickly.
  9. I am shaking my head in disgust! Why doesn't LVR - and Chloe for that matter - want to put the customer first? Unbelievable and I am so sorry that this has happened to all of you. It could happen to me too.....
  10. Oh, I'm so sorry this happened to you! I can't believe this, if it's basically the screws in the leather holding the weight of the bag, it must be a bag engineering/technical problem... no wonder the leather splits and frayes...:yucky: Or is it constructed differently and it's just a bad batch (hopefully):sad:
    I do hope LVR solves this problem quickly!
  11. Tag, so sorry to hear about your new bag -- hopefully you can rectify the situation promptly.
    As I mentioned in a couple of other posts, the Chloe SA's at the boutiques (when I specifically asked about this) have told me that there is a problem with the Heloise handles. If this is as widespread as it seems, why don't they recall/pull the bags off the shelves, etc.--or at least stand behind repairs/refunds in a prompt manner. It does seem to be inconsistent with the bags, but when it's YOUR bag, it is extremely frustrating.
  12. After hearing of these sorts of problems months ago I took to keeping a hand underneath my Heli when it is on my shoulder. I do overload my bags and it is heavy anyway. Those gold clips LOOK strong - but they must not be - especially if they cheated on the amount of leather to get tucked in....
  13. I'm afraid LVR don't have the greatest reputation for customer service, especially for sale items; but definitely keep fighting, as it is your legal right to receive a full refund. :yes:
  14. They probably cheated on the type of threads used to sew the leather handles with too...

  15. Sure it´s not a problem but I´ve got to warn you that my english is not the best:shame:.

    I ordered a black Heloise, full price 1095 euro.

    The bag broke on the 7th of May and I got the authorization code a day later and I did mail photos of the bag.

    I also told them from the start that I did not want a new bag but a full refund.

    Honestly I don´t know why it took them so long to refund me.
    I mailed and mailed, it took a long time for them to answer the mails, and sometimes they did not answer at all.
    The answers I got was that "Chloe has not responed" and that they are doing their best for this to be resolved.:shrugs:

    But I do really hope that you have better luck:yes:.

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