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  1. Thanks! Very nice site to check out many LV's.
  2. Thanks for posting this! Since I don't live anywhere near a place that sells LV, I'm dependent on pics online. I hadn't realized until looking at this site that a couple of the epi bags I've been looking at have no feet at the bottom to protect the leather. :sad: Does anyone find this a problem? I haven't had a problem with my epi speedy, but I also haven't carried it much.
  3. Cool, site. ^^^I've heard of epi leather being pretty durable.

  4. I just use a purse hook for my bags without feet. Plus, it's an easy way to spot fakes if the styles that shouldn't have brass feet, do! :suspiciou
  5. Thanks for looking out!
  6. Great site! Thanks for the link! :biggrin:

    I saw an Epi that I liked - I am assuming this is a discontinued style, Solferino. Has anyone seen this in person? I'm wondering what the measurements are.

    I also liked the Coussin PM - I heard that this is only available in Paris (please correct me if I'm wrong!), but it's not on the site.
    Louis Vuitton Solferino.jpg Louis Vuitton Coussin PM.jpg
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