Another LV FAKE encounter...

  1. well, went out for lunch today with my ofcmates...I spotted another LV bag (damier papillon 30) and immediately praised my ofcmate that she's got a really good taste in bags and papillon 30 is one of my first choices. She told me that I can have as many LV's as I want...I'm like.."nope! couldn't afford all of them!"...and she was like "when we get back in the ofc, I'll tell you my little secret"...

    Gosh, I can hardly finish my food as I am really curious of what she's talking about....

    and here it is: xxxxx ::yucky::yucky::yucky:
  2. tisk tisk :nogood:
  3. :push::hysteric::tdown:
  4. I actually just reported it to 866 :yes:
  5. ^hurray! :tup:
  6. Thank you FashionMike! :tup::woohoo:
  7. Is it a joke???
    How could this be legal????
  8. :wtf:wow, looks soo official:wtf:
  9. This is ridiculous! You can find cheaper AUTHENTIC items on eBay for cheaper! The prices are close to retail
  10. ^^Seriously! Why spend your hard earned money on those? Get a pre-owned LV if the prices are too high.
  11. Oh nooo...fakes are so sad.
  12. :tdown::yucky::tdown::yucky::tdown: That's all I have to say...
  13. That site with its prices is ridiculous. :lol:
  14. I'm confused--I thought that if they identified the bags as being "replicas" then everything was legal. Am I wrong? I'm almost tempted to order something to compare it next to my legit pieces. I won't, of course, but it's certainly eye opening.
  15. ridiculous