another lv before price increase

  1. i just bought 2 speedys last week, the mon25 and damier25. but because of the price increase, i've been thinking about getting another lv before february 1st. what do you guys think about the batignolles:confused1:....doesn't seem like alot of people have this bag. i've only seen one person carrying it, and only a couple of people on the forum have this. the one i saw in the lv store was kinda old (or played with) cause the side clasps were loosened and looks messy :yucky:

  2. I think it is a pretty bag, but I don't think you HAVE to get another bag before the price increase.
  3. is it for SURE price goes up on Feb1? I recall some tPFers mention the price increase for last year wasn't in Feb.....
  4. So many Pfers have can check batignolles club..I've seen so many BH than BV in public..

    congrats on your two speedies..share some pics please..welcome to PF
  5. My SA said she hasn't heard anything about the price increase... could it be just the US? :shrugs:
  6. the smallest batignolles is sooooo cute. i have BH but it's like my knockaround bag almost because i use it as my school bag and it's been through rain and snow...almost wish i would have taken better care of it but sometimes when you're in a hurry to make it to class you can't worry if your bag is getting rained on!
  7. All the BH's are super nice, the little one is so super cute! My favorite is the BH though, what a great sized pretty bag! I would make a purchase now incase price does go up.
  8. I remember the 2006 price increase (first one) was the last week of Feb.
  9. I love the BH's...but if you just got 2 Speedys last week, you should think about whether you really NEED to buy the bag right now or whether you're just using the price increase as a reason to buy another bag ;) :yes:
  10. true, it's an's also how i justified buying 2 bags at one time also:phehehe
  11. r u talking abt small one or BV?? I just got mine(small one) and :heart: it! so roomy and cute..If you are thinking to get, u should get it..i put picture on Batignolles club house so u can look at it..^^