Another lucky ebay find........

  1. At least I think it is a good deal :p It is brand new without tags and I only paid $47.50 but shipping is $5 (not too bad considering what other sellers are asking for S&H)! It is for my Ali and I hope it isn't too tacky that it has the tattersall lining and the Ali has legacy stripes :lol: I figured it would be okay, besides now I will have the best of both worlds. Tattersall and Legacy :yes:
    8d2f_1.JPG 8df6_1.JPG
  2. congrats, it's darling! :tup:
  3. Very good deal, How come I never find good deals at eBay??? Congrats
  4. Gorgeous!!! congrats!!!
  5. Great deal. The wristlet will match well with your Ali. Enjoy.
  6. oooohh very nice! Great deal!:tup:
  7. What a great deal! Congrats
  8. You got an excellent deal!! Way to go! I really like that a lot.
  9. i have this. i use it with my carly though. you will love it! great deal. it would look lovely with your Ali
  10. YAY!!! You got your Capacity Wristlet!! Congrats!! You got a great deal!!