Another lucky day!

  1. Went into the Mulberry flagships store in Stockholm today and guess what - they're putting on this amazing sale as they're refurbishing and thus closing for 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the new season's bags weren't discounted but they had loads of others at absolutely amazing prices:
    Rosemary (ginger) £150
    Bronze Alana £150
    Chalk Emmy £150
    Oak/almond Emmy £200
    Lime/oak Emmy £150
    Tote in oak kenya (medium size w. canvas piping, not sure of model) £150
    Phobe in dk green with embroidery £150
    Angelica (rose) £80
    Brown glove Blenheim (w. embroidery, ?what colour is actually called) £120
    Canvas Blenheim w plaited piping (again unsure of exact name) £120
    Ayler chalk rio £220
    They also had a couple of smaller shoulder bags in oak Kenya (with hand-stitched shoulder straps, unsure of model) £100.Wallets were mainly in black, and included some smaller purses in kenya but also the small Alana purse. Belts were 60% off but unfortunately only in huge sizes.
    I settled for a ginger Euston - £120!!! :yahoo:

    It also dispelled the myth that the Emmy zippers are always stitched in an M-shape, none of the Emmys in the shop had this detailing whereas the Alanas did - seems entirely random as to which shape they are.
    Will post some pictures once I've managed to find the mini USB cable for the camera.
  2. Wow, miss K you got a bargain there!! Look forward to seeing the pictures!
  3. Some of the colours were quite unusual, I've never seen the lime/oak Emmy for instance. Also, what is the dark green with embroidery called?

    Oh, and just found the model of the kenya shoulder bags - the Belle. Seeing as they still sell them on the website I reckon £80 was a real bargain! I should have bought some more...
  4. Oh my god! What colour was the canvas blenheim? I own one-which is brown with mustard straps and my sister would also like one.
  5. I think there were a couple like you describe (beigy-brownish w mustard straps) and also some in a sand colour w dk brown straps. I forgot to mention that they also had a sheepskin Bayswater (think it was around £170)
  6. That means we will have to take a trip to Sweden!
  7. I was going to the factory shop near Bath today, but unfortunately my daughter was unwell so I was unable to go. I will now have to wait until next weekend!:sad:
  8. I'd love to go to Shepton but it just isn't convenient - we used to live in Cambridge and have now recently moved to Sweden so I guess I shan't be going anytime soon :sad: Have you got any pictures of the canvas Blenheim?

    And does anyone know what that unusual glove green w embroidery is called?
  9. Hi, here is the picture of blenheim it is not great, but here goes.
  10. That is a lovely bag! V unusual, nice to carry something nobody else has! I think the ones I saw today were a lot lighter (ie the canvas) but it's possible that they had some of yours. It may be worth ringing the stockholm store on Monday (+46 8 611 46 88) and see if they've got any left, perhaps they could post it to you?
  11. Thank you Miss K, I will phone on Monday-my sister will be pleased if they would deliver.
  12. wow, what a fantastic day out!!!
    Will watch to see if they post to uk
  13. I only just remembered, there were a couple of purple snakeskin Aralines, they looked stunning and although not cheap, I guess £450 was a bargain...
  14. Wow - congrats! They had so many bargains - it would have killed my bank account!:yes:
  15. Has anyone managed to get in touch with the stockholm store re: the possibility of getting bags sent? x