Another lost cause: Navy Patent Reissue?

  1. sorry ladies.. im always searching for stuff long gone.. but miracles do happen on TPF!! :yes::yes: I know this cos many kind PFers have helped me locate bags before and im truly grateful :girlsigh:

    If anyone spots a navy patent reissue with gold hardware (size 226/227) in the boutiques (hidden in some corner maybe?? lol) or on eBay for a reasonable price...

    PLEASE pm me!!

    Im quite slow in catching such sales.. :shame:

    Thank you soooo much!!!

  2. I know some patents will be coming for S/S, happie. And I know there will be a navy reissue in at least 1 incarnation too. But I will keep my eyes open in the meanwhile and pm you if I see anything. I always search for stuff long gone too. :s

  3. Thank you so much!!! :love::love: i always take a long long time to fall in love with a bag and by the time love develops.. the bags are probably sold out worldwide!! lol :p
  4. i PMed u.
  5. Sorry ladies new to tPF, what is PM please? I'm also in love with the Navy Patent. I'm based in Singapore where it is almost impossible to get access to anything. Will be grateful to get any tips. Thanks!
  6. PM = Private Message.
    I thought i saw one on eBay but it was a bad.