Another Look at Galet - SGH City

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  1. For CHLOEGLAMOUR, imlvholic, and others who asked to see pics of my new SGH Galet City, here she is in all her lovely glory. In the stand-alone shots, the pics were taken under a sunny skylight which makes Galet look more pearly grey. In the dim lighting of my mod shot the taupe undertone is apparent.

    The pics look the same because I just uploaded all of them instead of selecting, and the only way I can get a non-blurry photo in a mod shot is by kneeling down!

  2. Very pretty congrats! I settled for a galet RH, since I didn't think a galet GSH was in the cards for me! Congrats again!
  3. Roey, it's beautiful. Fantastic leather.
  4. Roey - your bag is giving me goosebumps...:love:

    the color and the leather are incredible...

    (Why can't there be a moto jacket in Galet with silver HW??? )
  5. beautiful bag roey!! i love the taupey-gray color of galet...the leather is absolutely gorge too! congrats :smile:
  6. LOVE the leather! Galet is one of those colours that I know I'll regret not having purchased down the road.
  7. Your galet city sgh is beautiful. The leather looks amazing too. I love it.
  8. Love it!!
  9. Roey - the bag looks great - love the leather - Congrats!
  10. roey- congrats on the gsh galet find :tup:...the leather looks sooo jealous:love:
  11. wow that bag has incredible leather roey! congrats!
  12. Roey, WOW that is A beautiful bag! The leather looks very soft and spongy!!! I definitely love this combo with CITY( is the best )and DAY and WORK IMO.
    This bag matchs to your skin colour as well as your outfit very well. It`s a one of the great Giant City. No wonder why many people are talking about this bag! Big Congrats and thank you very much for the great photos ! (BTW, I strongly believe and can see that you have the whole package...:coolio: L0L!!!)
  13. :nuts:Ah! Roey, thanks for sharing. Your Galet SGH City is BREATHTAKING!!! The best wrinkly leather I've ever seen, the more wrinkly it is, the more I like it. Boy, am I glad I've scored 1 for myself or I DIE! That is the most AWESOME combo Bbag have ever produced.
  14. Every time I see pics of galet, I fall in love all over again. Love your bag!
  15. so cool...........:drool: