Another little orange box

  1. So DH and I went to check out the sale in SF today. As previously reported...not much there!
    But they did have a lil something new...
    bags.jpg box.jpg
  2. and...... whats in the box????
  3. I'm so glad things seem to be working out for you. :smile: Orange and otherwise.
  4. Cmon, give it up CB! We wanna see! :nuts:
  5. Wanna see, wanna see!!

    So wonderful to hear that your DH is going to H with you once again! Good luck!! :heart:
  6. :yahoo: A pocket square! I love, love, love how it looks with my Picotin. It was so tough deciding. They had a lot of beautiful scarves today. I came this close to getting a Jige (DH was enabling like crazy but I finally stepped back and said I gotta wait for my Kelly.) Saw a gorgeous black Togo 35 Kelly, a beautiful gold 35 in Togo and fell in L-O-V-E with a white 28 in Epsom.

    Also went to Goyard and got a St. Louis PM. :yahoo: It was a really fun day! OK now I am on a shopping ban til December. LOL Next purchase will be a Kelly...hopefully in Jan. ;)
    biblio.jpg Stlouis.jpg
  7. Wow, great stuff. I love that pocket square. Do you know the name of it? The design is of books, right?
  8. Love it!!! I don't think I have ever seen this one before, and it is so charming!
  9. omg i LOVE that. i have never seen it. did it come in other colors???? omg MUST HAVE IT. congrats! and you got the perfume sample! whoohooo! i bought the body lotion today.
  10. Thanks!!! It is's called Bibliotheque. I love books so I had to get it. ;)

    H, that was the only color they had it in at the moment. And I love the perfume!!!
  11. Gorgeous scarf, LOVELOVE the colors!!! congratulations CB
  12. CB!!! That pochette is fabulous! And it looks perfect on the St. Louis!!!! Just perfect! Congratulations sweetie!!!!
  13. Oh, lovely!!

    Yes, with the book theme, it's totally "you".


    (And I'm so pleased about you and DH too.)
  14. Congratulations!!!
  15. I love the pochette CB! And an enabling DH!! The best kind!