Another little goodie for me!

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  1. My husband had to go to LA for business so I decided to tag along for a few days. I was meeting a friend for lunch and I parked in a parking structure under a mall. When I came up the escalator there was a LV! I was so excited that went in and bought the purse extended (key ring) for my new Roses Pochette. Sadly I left the pochette at home but I can't wait to use it.

    My husband and I travel for work and I always try to check out the local LV Store. My collection is still small but I have tried to buy my accessories in the various cities I have been to.

    I live in Vegas ... most of my stuff is from home.
    My Roses Pochette is from NY
    My Extender from LA
    My Passport Case is from San Diego
    My Mini Pouchette is from Seattle

    I think it brings a special memory to each piece ... and it's fun to shop in different cities! :tup:
  2. :biggrin: yay vegas lv. have you ever had any problems at forum shops or at the one in NM?
  3. that is such a cute idea!

    my NF is from paris, a pomme mini agenda that stays in the closet is from Rome.
  4. Congrats!!!! Was it Century City that you went shopping at?
  5. ^^
    Definitely sounds like LV at Century City. I was just there this past Sunday!!! My favorite LV location!
  6. That's great ~ congrats!
  7. The LV I found was in Hollywood Highlands
  8. I have shopped at both. Neimans is fine but honestly I like the Wynn the best.
  9. Oh!!! Sounded like Century City - it's in L.A. and there's underground parking and LV is right near one of the escalators.

    Didn't occur to me that it was Hollywood & Highland!

    Congrats on your Roses Pochette!! By the way, you can also use a gold Juicy Couture charm bracelet as an extender for the Pochette as well!
  10. I never thought of that. I assume that makes it very long...
    do you have a pic
  11. Congrats!
  12. woohoo! i love how you like to shop at different cities. can't wait to hear where you'll be going next. i love how you described how you saw the lv store, it was just so unexpected huh? glad you came home with something :smile:!!
  13. that is great!

    ya, it's always great to remember that you bought a thing in a trip
  14. My hubby is going to love this new great idea!!
  15. Congrats.