Another Lindy? Please, help with a decision

  1. Sorry, this post is a little long.

    I went to my local H with the sole intention of inquiring about Belles Du Mexique in color way 14. If they did not have it, which they didn't, I was going to show some restraint and leave.

    But, since I was there, I might as well look at a couple more scarves. No harm in that. So the SA pulled out a few, Jardin D'hiver in brown and orange colorways (not bad), Couer de Vie in blue (loved it but to bright for me), a couple of black scarves forgot the names, and another blue scarf with hearts from the F/W 07 collection. This one was lovely, it had mostly green accents in it.

    While we were discussing the scarves she casually says, "We have a Blue Jean Lindy in the back. Do you want to see it?" To which I answered, "Yes!"

    The Lindy came out. She was perfect. But, I couldn't make a decision and this is why. I already have a BJ Picotin PM which I love. I'm afraid if I buy the BJ Lindy I won't use the Picotin anymore. Plus, I would really like a Rouge G Lindy, which there is no guarantee I'll be able to find. Would three Lindy bags be excessive? It's getting hard hiding the big H boxes from the DH at some point, he's going to ask about them.

    On the other hand, although my swift Rose Dragee Lindy is durable, the Clemence Blue Jean can go a couple of rounds with my toddler. I also couldn't take my hands off the bag. While they searched the stock for a Rouge G Picotin PM and several other bags in Rouge G, I held onto the Lindy.

    They are now holding it for me. I have to make a decision by Monday close. What would you ladies do?

    BTW, I did buy a scarf.
  2. This would be your third? Besides rose dragee, what color do you have? I looooove the lindy so I will be a bad influence....
  3. I'm not sure if 3 lindy's would be excessive (don't ask me)... if you really like the Lindy I would say no. Now, just reading through your post it seems what you really want is a rouge Lindy (wow that would be really pretty)... maybe you should wait for that ?

    I have a blue suede Picotin and a BJ Lindy, and they are completely different bags for different occasions... If you really like the BJ Lindy, I don't think it's going to take away from your Picotin.
  4. I love the Blue Jean color and you said your toddler would be able to handle it so I say go for it.
  5. Sorry i cant help!! i love the look of the Lindy, but i have yet tio see it in real life!! :p
    love the look of it so far, but i think you should get lots of other diff colours. that is JMHO. i still havent got an H bag yet!!! But they are all soo gorgeous
  6. Dear Ms. B:

    Ok, I am BAD influence TOO... I LOVE the Lindy and 3, NOPE not excess!!!

    Although same color, but it has different LOOK, and it also depends on HOW much you like the BJ color, if for me, any RED in any style is MINE!!! Ha ha, just kidding...

    I TOO love the RG Lindy but don't have 1 though...

    I feel Swift and Clemence will also gives the different color to the bag.

    About the DH thing, I am still having the same issue too....
  7. bprimuslevy, go for it! If you love the style, you'll love the BJ. I agree that it will not compete with the Picotin as these are two different animals.

    As for too many orange boxes in closets for DH's to eye and question, just remember that the MORE you have, the less chance the guys will notice ANOTHER one lurking on the shelf.

    So, you need to accumulate more boxes, not less.....they kind of all blend together!
  8. here's a question- if they can't find you a rouge g lindy are you going to be upset you passed on this one? if they find you the rouge and you bought this one would you pass the red up? which would you get more use out of?

    i love bj and i think it's just a versatile color and would look great in a lindy because of the unusual shape.

    i do think though that 3 lindy's might be a bit much but if it's a shape you love and you'll use them all- go for it! i don't think having a lindy will take away from your picotin pm. they're such different sized bags.
  9. :wtf: This is the exact same dilemma that I have...had...have...had...have! ah well, as you can see, I've talked myself into not getting a BJ lindy, then talked myself out of it, then into it, then out of it.... actually, I still haven't made up my mind. Having 1 problem (get another BJ?) is bad enough, but with 2 problems (get another lindy?), I just can't manage...
  10. To me, a BJ Lindy is the ultimate Lindy, so I am no help as I would tell you to go for it. The Lindy is a completely different bag from the Picotin, so I don't see the problem if they are the same colour.

    Good luck... what a lovely dilemna.
  11. I think...etoupe in best for toddler;)
  12. OMG! I would kill to have more than one blue jean H bag! Heck, I would love one! But, that being said, I would only get it if you really loved it and had enough uses for both bags in blue jean. It is a gorgeous color so I understand your dilemma!
  13. Count me in among the enablers. The BJ in Clemence is completely different than your RoseDragee Swift and much more toddler-friendly. Plus you said you had trouble letting it out of your sight. And the Lindy is so convenient to use and completely different than your Picotin......more reasons to get it than not!
  14. It sang to you, so get it!
  15. Buy it Buy it Buy it! If you are still thinking about it and truly love it then it was meant to be.