Another Lindy, or splurge on a Kelly?

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  1. I have been thinking of getting a bag in red, and am in favour of the brighter shades like rouge casaque, geranium, rouge de coeur and rouge tomate.

    My current H collection consists of a Bolide 35 (blue hydra phw), Bolide 31 (rose jaipur ghw), Lindy 30 (blue atoll phw) and GP30 (vert amande). In the reseller market, I have access to a Lindy 30 in RC with ghw or a Kelly 32 Retourne in geranium ghw (togo leather). While I love the look of the Kelly 32, I can't help but wonder if it would be too upscale and dressy for everyday use? I would want to be able to carry my handbags to work - and this is the main reason why I would not get a Birkin at this time. Kelly is less in-your-face in our community, so a safer bet. That said, I tend to dress smart casual rather than formal, even though I work in the financial services sector (not frontline).

    On the other hand, I am completely at ease with my Lindy 30 and use it both as a work bag and on weekends. I also like the fact that I can use the Lindy 30 RC for travel - fits my lifestyle better? Also, I think a Lindy in RC ghw is hard to come by?

    I know this is down to personal preference but would love to know your thoughts/advice/suggestions. Many thanks in advance!
  2. I vote for the Kelly! I find the retourne style is a lot more casual than the Sellier style. You could consider pairing it with the 70cm wide canvas strap from H to give it an even more relaxed vibe (plus the wider shorter strap makes it easier to carry).

    Although I love the Lindy style, the Kelly will be more versatile too in terms of carrying folders, iPad/laptop etc.
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  3. I'm a Kelly gal so my vote would be for the Kelly
    Your choice of color(s) in the Kelly are a pop of color that just seems to work from casual to the office
    environment you are in.
    You can have fun with a twilly or a canvas strap which brings & gives a different vibe to the bag.
    The Kelly works & ultimately I think you will enjoy having a new bag style in your wardrobe
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  4. I have a lindy and just splurged on a second hand kelly 32 retourne. I vote kelly. I love the option of shoulder carry. Also it moves well from casual day to evening ( once everything opens again!)
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  5. I agree in terms of versatility! And the fact that it is an investment piece, though I hope I can still pull it off when I'm in my 50s! The beautiful Kelly in your profile pic is making me reconsider my colour choice LOL. It's funny as I have always wanted my first K and B to be in a neutral colour so I can get as much wear out of them as possible. But I guess red is not too hard to match, and the look of a red Kelly is so irresistible!
  6. Your Kelly bag is meant to last a lifetime, so don't worry about pulling it off in your 50's
    Many gals buy their first Kelly at that age!
    There are so many gorgeous shades of red that H does, you can't go wrong..
    Enjoy.. you are on the right track..
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  7. I would do a different size lindy or go with the Kelly. You can always come back to getting another lindy. Kelly on the other hand is harder to get the one you want. Ideally I would say rouge casaque Kelly with ghw :biggrin: geranium is too light and orangey for my taste.
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  8. Kelly!
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  9. Kelly all day and all the way.
  10. kelly!
  11. Since you already have a Lindy (in a beautiful color, too), I would get the Kelly
  12. another vote for K, it's a staple.
  13. Hmmm now you're making me rethink the colour choice...I love rouge casaque but for the Kelly it does not come in togo (which I prefer), only clemence :sad: Geranium does have the orange undertone which I don't particularly fancy, but I guess as long as it's still a clear RED not orange like Capuccine then it would still work. Checking out the colour threads now...
  14. You should totally get what you want! If geranium speaks to you then it is perfect :biggrin: I personally prefer darker/true red like rouge casaque, rouge vif, rouge grenat, rouge H. Let us know what you decide! You can never go wrong with any H bags tbh :giggle:
  15. Kelly is a great choice! And the reds are so lovely.