Another Lindsay Lohan bag


Feb 1, 2006
I believe it was last weeks issue of US magazine (I get mine in the mail and it seems to be a week behind) anyway, Ms. Lohan had yet another stunner! It is a LV and it must be vintage as the patina was a lovely color, but I have not seen this bag before! Maybe it was her mothers from years ago??? lol Just a guess...has anyone seen it?
Thanks LVlover! Thats the one! You all amaze me how you can take a quick photo and BAM! Its on the compter. I really need to learn how to do this! If the pic is not already in my computer Im at a bit of a looser. ANYWAY...kind of a cool bag don't you all think?
That's a GORGEOUS BAG...not made anymore? Anyone know the name?

:lol: I do Love how she's wearing a Chanel scarf and toting a Louis....isn't she the Chanel face for '06? I haven't heard anymore since US Weekly dropped
I find it ridiculous that whenever we spot an LV bag that we have not seen before we automatically think it's fake. I'm not talking about other people, I'm talking about celebrities.
Why in the world would they wear a fake? Kimora Lee has very exquisite LV pieces that I have not seen before so does that mean they're fake as well? I'm sure very few celebrities own fake bags but what make this particular bag fake? Can anyone tell me?