Another Limited Edition

  1. As many of know I bought 2 Robert Wilson Reade MM bags from Let-Trade. They came in earlier today:


    However, I doubt I will ever use these bags and I have decided against changing the handles. I am still happy to add new bags to my collection though.
  2. Congrats on your new purchases.

    Why never use them though ?
  3. Wow! So bright! Congrats on the new bags. They are lovely!
  4. Congrat's on your new bags, they're beautiful!
  5. Congrats!!!:flowers:
  6. They are gorgeous, Michelle! I say if you got em, use em! :yes:
  7. They are so pretty & fun looking! Congrats, though I would have such a hard time NOT using them!
  8. Perfect for Summer..congrats!
  9. They are REALLY bright. I have seen them in tons of pictures before but, I never expected them to be this bright. At work, I wear suits mostly and it wouldn't look right. I guess I could use them over the weekend.
  10. They would look so pretty with jeans and a t-shirt!
  11. Yah, I am a jeans girl. But, since I started working again it's back to suits. Bleh.
  12. Love them Michelle! I'm seriously considering using that picture for my desktop'd be a nice wakeup in the morning. I LOVE the orange one :heart:
  13. Holy brightness. Terrific bags. The patina looks good on the handles. If they were blackened, maybe then change them. Enjoy them!
  14. Hooray for summer bags:yahoo: Congrats
  15. Wow!
    Bright & cheery doesn't even begin to describe those, they are amazing. I hope you wear them at least once, I have the feeling that you will fall in love during a test drive & use them at least a few times.