Another Lilac City and a Caramel on Ebay

  1. They just keep coming :yes:
  2. The Caramel is mine. :smile:
  3. isn't this the 5th or 6th lilac city in 3 months?
  4. ^ yay, it's such a pretty '05 caramel - such a pretty color! goodluck.

    And the lilac is of course a beauty.. I wonder what the reserve is ;)
  5. Thanks. I can already feel the sellers' remorse coming on...:smile:
  6. It's a beauty and the color is gorgeous!:biggrin: :love:
  7. Thanks!:biggrin:
  8. Mimi; I wonder what the reserve is on the lilac too! There are already
    5 bids on it in an hour! :roflmfao: :cry: WOW!
  9. Well.. I asked her for BIN price and she mentions the last bag sold for $2746:shocked:
  10. She's referring to Dudes right?
  11. wait a second there, a b-bag sold for almost $3K?!?! :shocked:
  12. :lol: she told me the same thing too. So the reserve is probably pretty high.
  13. ridiculous. did anyone mention to her that there was another one that went 5 days ago for $650 or so?

    i'm so glad i dont even like this color... i cannot get over this hysteria that is driving this color's pricing up the wall. i would never ever ever ever ever EVER pay 3K for a used bag that cost the buyer 1/3 of that originally. it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me!
  14. I totally agree.
  15. ^ Ditto!