ANOTHER let-trade question

  1. i'm looking at another bag on let-trade...hopefully someone doesn't swipe this one before I do!

    on the item description next to the price it says "including world-wide ems shipping"...does that mean that the price listed already includes shipping???

    stupid question maybe but if so i am SOOO happy!
  2. yes the price on the site is the FINAL price that you will be paying.
  3. Good to know! Thanks!
  4. Good to know...I just bought something there, but someone told me that there is a chance other people purchased before I really don't know did I buy the bag or not? :shrugs:
  5. Yes, yes! The price is your final price, I purchased from him recently and he also says that for an extra 6 dollars you can upgrade it to 3 day shipping, and so I asked him if I could do this and he told me it was already included in the price and sure enough, I purchased it Thursday he sent it out friday and Sunday it was delivered, the package said for it to be there by 3 that day.
  6. ok but then if you want to buy more than one bag and get a discount how to you know what to pay? I was waiting for an answer from them when someone seipped my bag and I don't want that to happen again..should I just pay for them and not try to get a discount?
  7. I would go ahead and pay and then see if they would offer you a discount, better safe, then have your bag snatched again. They are really great to deal with, I'm sure they will work something out!
  8. ok next ? lol

    how do I pay for more than one item in one payment???
  9. Good question, I don't have a clue, cuz when you pay for the item, paypal won't even let you add $ to the total, I tired for the extra shipping, hm.. I guess you'll have to pay each?
  10. grrr...i'm torn!

    I have one person telling me to email them first to see if they will offer a deal...I have you guys telling me to buy quick and i'm also worried about the recent bags with odors...and what if I'm not seeing a flaw that will be obvious when the bag is with me


    what should I do!?!! I don't want someone buying my bag but I also don't want to have a bag with flaw/odors because I didn't ask..and what if they are like "got my money already, no need to offer a deal"
  11. I'd buy it...

    Then tell us what it is :graucho:
  12. well i would wait. i would rather be safe and know what i'm getting. they get new stuff all the time so even if you miss one bag now another that you love the same or more will come up again soon!

    if you really want to buy it all now i would just buy and pay and see if they would give you a refund. as a seller, that's what i would do
  13. I have heard that he does well with returns if there are odors, etc. Tough call, do what you think is right!
  14. i emailed to ask them if they would offer a deal and to please list flaws/odors

    lord please do not let anyone take my bag(S)

    did I mention I'm thinking about 5 bags?:graucho:
  15. i'm thinking about buying 1 bag right away and waiting it out on the rest...sitting here thinking about it