another LeSportsac Hawaii limited edition?

  1. hi, i just saw a lesportsac bag which claimed to be another hawaii limited edition. it is called amy davis hawaii. have any of you ladies in hawaii seen this print at the lesportsac store?

  2. yes i have... we have a lot of "limited editions" though...

    The one you're talking about has people and looks kinda like a cartoon with conversation bubbles.

    I don't really remember what the sayings were, but they were kinda silly... they used a lot of words that i personally don't think people that haven't been to hawaii would understand... like manapua, likelike hwy., humuhumunukunukuapuaa, mahi mahi? and so on...
  3. i saw one w/ a blue background (like the ocean) with the Hawaiian islands on it, and various hawaiian things like you stated...that's not the same one, is it?
  4. I seen one w/blue background at the outlet when I went today...
  5. thanks, all.

    the background is a beach/ocean with a lot of people talking. the print looks too busy. is this a new hawaii limited edition? the last one was the panda, wasn't it?

    i am always curious to limited edition but could hardly any information unless i see it pops up on eBay. a few months ago, i saw the 'sweetie pie' limited edition at SFO, but no clue which city it is limited to.
  6. mmm... d1000 there are a lot of hawaii exclusives.... the most recent ones that i can remember were....

    the amy davis one you're talking about
    white background with like card symbols.... like diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs and other random shapes... i think
    and the most recent one, a tan background with hawaiian flowers... i would take a picture of the one i bought in this print, but it's already wrapped up for my grandma :smile:

    the blue ocean with the hawaiian islands, pink panda bear, were all last year :smile:
  7. thanks. h_taka. i am so jealous of you gals in hawaii! :sad:

  8. don't be! it's too expensive living here :p