Another Lawsuit Against Ebay For Allowing Fakes To Be Sold On Their Site!!!

  1. We have all been expressing frustration at the growing number of scams, picture theft, and fakes being sold on ebay. Louis Vuitton and Tiffany seem to be complaining the loudest out of the big designers.

    In the October 9, 2006 issue of Business Week Magazine, there is an interesting article regarding the latest lawsuit brought against ebay in attempt to stop this growing problem. LVMH or Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, has brought their newest lawsuit to the courts of Paris on behalf of the counterfeits of their brands Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Dior.

    Of course the skeptism on whether this will do anything still remains, but the percentage of fakes they estimate (under 10% of items sold as authentic actually turn out to be real) being sold is shocking! LVMH is hoping their latest lawsuit may have a better outcome than similar suits brought to court elsewhere, because France seems to be much more strict than any other country when it comes to anti-counterfeiting laws. In fact it's not just the seller's that need to beware in France, simply owning a fake Louis Vuitton (or any other designer) handbag is punishable by a fine of twice the value of a geniune bag!

    I bring this up only because my frustration regarding ebay and paypal have been echoed by so many of you. I don't feel that ebay or paypal can justify the fees they charge, unless they can clean up these issues among other's, such as better protection once a buyer is scammed!
  2. Hello. Very interesting... I was scammed off a fake bag on ebay. My very first purchase and at the time didn't realize the magnitude of fakes there were on ebay!!! The buyer had a picture of the real bag and sent me a completely different style. I knew immediately it was a fake. I was pro-active about it since she would not refund my money. Ebay, paypal were not helpful at all! So I called the local police and district attorney's office in my city and her city, of course contacted ebay, paypal, and all of the other online place ebay tells you to contact. I got the refund thanks to a very concerned police officer who spoke with her to resolve the situation. I guess she got scared and refunded the money. One day (a few months later) I get a call from the US Attorney's office and USPS for information for evidence. Luckily I saved all emails, usps boxes, receipts, took tons of pictures of the bag and the postage, etc. To make a long story short...she has been on trail for almost a year for fraud and a felony by the US Attorney's office and the United States Postal Service!! She is now detained! Wow.... I couldn't believe it! All I wanted was my money back! Apparently I wasn't the only one she swindled! I was just a lucky one to get my $$ back! The few calls raised some eyebrows... so there are authorities you can contact if you ever get stuck in this predicament... Hope that is helpful!
  3. Thank you for posting!
  4. Wow Lainey! Good for you! I have not had something so bad as that, but someone did sell me a bag that was in horrible condition. It was not a fake, and it was the actual bag in the photos shown, but all the flaws and damage could not be seen in the photos. The bag had actually been painted! I had heard of buyers returning items and claiming non-receipt. But I didn't want to lie and there is a option on the claim page on paypal that reads goods not as described, so that is what I checked off. About 20 minutes later I rec'd a response saying that there is nothing that can be done about that, and they can only get the buyer's money back if the item wasn't received. I was sooo mad! Basically they only have that option on the claim page so you think something can be done. I now see why honest people would be forced into lying so they have a chance of getting their money back. I feel more and more that paying paypal and ebay fees is not worth it. When something does go wrong they don't seem to be of any help, so why pay the fees if they can't protect you. This goes for legit seller's too! I can make a claim with my credit card company, so I might as well try to pay a seller that way. Once I trust a seller, I ask to handle future transactions outside of ebay! What a nightmare! The scammers and crooks are making it impossible for honest people to buy and sell anymore!
  5. Ebay and its policies just make me mad. I know it doesn't really give a **** about counterfeit objects, so I simply boycott Ebay by never using it.
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  7. I too avoid ebay and just wait and buy at the LV store (which also makes me think more about whether i really want a purchase). :yes:
  8. On eBay, I bought a ManhattanGM for $800 - when I got it it was definately the real thing, BUT the receipt is what creeped me out - fake, fabricated, I quickly learned that these receipts kits are sold as well,
    it was so creepy, I returned the bag, got a refund, seller seemed annoyed.
    I then pranced into LV and got my ManhattanGm for real and paid the $1700.

    I know it's real.
    I am not creeped out.
    I had fun shopping.
    I love my bag!