another Large vs. Oversize Muse question

  1. Okay gals, I realize this question has been asked here before, but just for the record, do any of you who purchased the Oversize (XL) Muse have any regrets that its too big?

    I agree with you all that the Oversize looks better. :heart: I'm just wondering what you think from a practical standpoint after carrying it around a while?
  2. I do! I bought the oversized and just like they call it, it was WAY oversized for me. Not to mention I didn't like the color, but besides that, at 5'3 there was no way I could pull something that big off.
  3. hey elongreach: so did you exchange for a Large?
  4. I am 5'3" and had to return my oversized black. I am very thin, as well, and it honestly looked like I was lugging a suitcase around. Do the large. That's going to give you a "big" look and feel, while not overdoing it and looking ridiculous.
  5. I have the large and it's plenty big - and heavy!! I am 5'2", athletic build (114 lbs) and thought the oversize was a suitcase on me - this from someone who loves big bags. I can pull off the large Gucci leather horsebit just fine but the oversize Muse not so much. In my opinion the oversize doesn't look better even sitting on a shelf. It looks bulky and awkward although I know it's the favored size for Muse lovers.
  6. Hmmm, so far its Large 3, Oversize 0
  7. Nope, I returned it completely. I bought it from YSL HOUSTON (yea that's far from home). I didn't know that the D.C. and Chevy Chase YSLs were not affliated with the other YSLs. So a large is on my bag list. The oversized was white and I'm planning on getting another color because IMO the white was nasty looking. Maybe ostrich?:rolleyes:
  8. Huh? That's news to me.
  9. When I went to return (more like exchange) my oversized muse, it was my first time going to Chevy Chase. I got lost (who knew there were 3 Saks on the same block?) and then the woman tells me that she can't accept the return because it wasn't made there or in D.C. When I called Houston, they apologized and said that they told me that I could return it to NY or some other store if I didn't want to return it to Houston. I was like :censor: why would I return it to NY? If I have to ship the bag, it's going to cost me just as much to ship it there than back to Houston. Hence the reason to return it to Chevy Chase, duh.
  10. i think the oversizes muse looked way too HUGE on me so i ended up buying the Large and i am soooooo happy with has the perfect size.
    Maybe you should go to YSL and see what bag looks better on you!!!:flowers:
  11. I guess i'm in the minority - but i purchased the XL Muse and I still love that thing!!!
  12. Exactly, that is what I had to do. The large is so much better for carrying around.
  13. I actually think the medium is pretty large!
  14. I agree with susan-eric. I have the medium and it looks plenty big to me. I can't find enough things to put in it! I also think that the non-humongously scaled bags are more timeless and classic. The big bag trend is a fairly recent one (I can't remember them being fashionable beyond the past 3-4 years at most).
  15. Thanks to all you Muse owners for giving me your advice! Keep it coming.

    I'm planning on buying a Muse when I go to NYC in a couple of weeks, probably a Large in either Chocolate or Olive.