Another Large Hug Me: milk or dark choco pebbled glossy?

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  1. Hi belenistsas!! I'm allowing myself another large Hug Me in a pebbled glossy. I have one in black and have been using it constantly, and now also as a messenger, now that I saw how jenova clips the two handles together on each side, thus maintaining the line (brilliant!)

    Anyway, I'd like to get a brown pebbled glossy Large Hug Me, but am not sure whether to go for the milk choco or the dark choco (which Bali_Girl saw IRL and says was gorgeous.) Ideally, I'd like the brown to fill my brown needs, but also allow me to wear it in the spring and summer, which I guess is probably too much to ask.

    So, I was wondering how you feel about your milk choco pebbled bags, and whether you love them, find them versatile, don't like them, wish you had the darker pebbled glossy, etc.

    All info and opinions are valued and appreciated!!!:heart:
  2. Hi Jenny....I received a large black HM from a friend to try it out and I am just stunned at how light weight and versatile it is. I am also considering getting one for myself. I am leaning toward the wine pebbled, but if I had to choose a brown, I would go for the dark chocolate brown. I just love a rich dark chocolate color. I think the milk chocolates tend to be a bit too red for my taste!

    No help at all!!! :confused1: Sorry!!!
  3. WHATEVER YOU GET.....go for the SHW!!!!:P
  4. Both are lovely, but I would choose the dark chocolate!
  5. Ha ha, vixn!!
  6. sandy, and vixn, have either of you seen the milk choco IRL?? I have not, although I have a sample that looks confusingly like dark chocolate, although Rose assured me it's the milk choco.
  7. Hey, what about those of you that HAVE a large milk choco pebbled glossy Hug Me or other BE? For example: Lovebags, jenova, finzup, bonniekir, Bali_girl, hipnycmom, glamourgirlpink, sweet contessa, ms lizardo, and everyone else that I'm forgetting secondary to lack of caffeine and "mommy brain?" ????
  8. Jenny

    I like my Milk Choc but wish that it always looked the darker colour that it does in daylight rather than the paler redder tone that appears under indoor tungsten lighting.
  9. Jenny-I'm here-hahaha-I would go for the DARK pebbled w/ gold. I like my milky one, but given the choise between the two, and only one to pick-it would be the dark!!
  10. I also LOVE the color of cilifene's Ribes Prada bag and that Prada natural color. I definitely have a serious problem here.

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  11. I prefer the lighter brown because it is the perfect brown for spring/summer (it looked so good with my pastels and bright summery outfits) and yet it is a good color to wear in the winter as well. My big problem with darker browns is that when I wear brown clothing, I tend to wear dark browns. Because the tones in browns are always so different, when I try to pair a dark brown bag with dark brown clothes, it always looks off. Yet, the milk chocolate brown pebbled glossy leather is different enough in tone that it works when paired with darker browns. Then, it doesn't look like I am trying too hard to match my bag to my outfit.
  12. Jenny-I talked to glamourgirl a lot about this and she had the mill chocolate brown bag and said that it had reddish undertones. She had a gorgeous naked leather Not Rational chocolate Fab that came to live with me for a while that was the perfect shade of dark rich brown. It had those deep rich almost purpleish black undertones that are my favorite. I think this is what the BE dark chocolate is like.

    I am totally with you on that wine prada. It is between that and the chocolate large HM for me too. Although I might postpone until the fall to get it and focus on a summer color right now.
  13. Hi Jenny,

    Oh my what a choice. I really do LOVE my light choco HM but it definetely has red undertones.

    I would say that if you have a black HM then go with the light as the dark would be more of the same in a HM, a dark bag!

    The light is absolutely gorgeous! It's a unique shade and one that you won't find everywhere. Whereas dark brown is dark brown.
  14. Well originally I was a little disappointed that the straps didn't wear over my shoulder as easy as Glamousgirl's did. I kind of put it away as I was bummed. Thought of selling it, but after a while I took her back out. (How can you turn your back on a gorgeous BE?) The one reason I couldn't part with it is the leather is the most phenomenal leather, soooooo soft and rich, and extroidnary!

    I took Jackie's advice about hanging some stuff in it which gently stretched the straps and gave it more of the hobo shape, in lieu of returning it to lengthen the straps, as she felt this would alter the appearance and balance.

    That said, I agree with Circoit's thoughts. Also I feel the lighter color shows the leather and it's texture, etc, better. I just fill it's more versatile. I do not have the dark choc leather in anything, but I have a chocolate SM and I just think in general the lighter color showcases the leather in a way which is not possible with the darker version. Just my opinion. So my answer would be I would take the milk chocolate again.