Another Lanvin...looky looky

  1. Grabbed another Lanvin at the Jeffrey's at Phipps (Atlanta) on sale...about 50%. Love this bag. The tag calls it a vitello (calf) school bag. And it has that wonderful shoulder strap that the Lanvin's have. really loving this brand. :heart:

    Here's some pics
    lanvin_school_bag_1.JPG lanvin_school_bag_3.JPG lanvin_school_bag_4.JPG lanvin_school_bag_2.JPG
  2. That is gorgeous - may I ask how much it was? thanks!
  3. Congrats, Greenie - great-looking bag! Any other pics of your Lanvin bags, please? Would you happen to have the Vintage Hero chain bag? :yes:
  4. wow-yummy bag!!!!
  5. The leather looks so delicious, congrats!
  6. What a pretty bag! Congrats!
  7. Thanks for posting! I just ordered what I hope is the same bag. I got it in black with silver hardware. I needed a black bag with silver hardware too so it worked out great. Though I have to say I think your brown is gorgeous!
  8. congrats, it's a great bag! :biggrin:
  9. WOW! That is one beautiful bag!! I love it. Simple, elegant and so chic (that's Lanvin for ya!). The color is gorgeous too (and leather looks yummy). I can't believe you got it at 50% off! A Chanel grey 228 reissue and this too!! You go girl (hahahaha)! Congrats!!
  10. Did you order it from Jeffreys? On sale?

    The black was verrryyyyy cute! I almost got that instead.
  11. It was around $675, but that is with tax. About 50% of the retail.
  12. No, sorry Passerby, no vintage Hero chain bag. I have the turquoise patent Heroine bag and the School bag, that's it.

    Here's a pic of the Heroine.
    DSC00010.JPG DSC00011.JPG DSC00009.JPG
  13. L:huh::huh::huh:ve the way the straps attach to the bag!!:love:
    and what a great shape and color!! :jammin:
    congrats dear.. its such a great deal!!
  14. Thanks for all the nice comments! :heart:

    My bag ho'in comes in spurts. I've been lusting after the reissue for a long time, but couldn't find that bag anywhere. And the Lanvin, finding those on sale is a bonus. I'm still waiting for the red patent Heroine or the Blue Patent Hero to go on sale at Bob Ellis.
  15. The Heroine's gorgeous - thanks for posting the pic, Greenie.