Another Kooba question

  1. Sorry that I am saturating this place with alot of Kooba questions, Just one more, I promise.

    I have the 3 IF bags I want, and now the 3 Koobas I want (Scarlett/Marcelle/Nisha). I am really enticed by the Mia and have been questioning whether I should make it my 4th and final Kooba since the others aren't an appeal for me as of now. Does anyone have a Mia? Like it? Pro's & Cons? Heavy weight? The Ginger is darling but too much like my Marcelle Do you think it is too Cowboyish looking?
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  2. To be honest the Mia was my favourite bag from the new spring's really different and not as heavy as the sienna.
  3. I think it has a definite western flair, but I love it -guess that's part of its appeal!
  4. I like the way it's really different from other bags.. I actually prefer the toast colour though.
  5. Sorry, but I don't like it. Too cowboyish...the buckle & the studs...however, I love all of your other Kooba! especially Marcelle. :smile:
  6. I do Love all of my Koobas and I think for the reason that they are generally roomy bags. I love a BIG bag but I decided to regretfully list my newest IF Studded tote on ebay. It's absolutely gorgeous but just a tad too big for me. Like I said could hide an 8lb newborn in there....LOLOL I'm going to lose some money on it but I have 3 new bags coming. An IF Embellished Nikki, a Kooba Nisha, and now an IF Sweet Dreams Audra. And I think I may sell another older Coach.
    I think Koobas are the BOMB! And I love IFs for their style. I'm really not a Cowgirl kinda girl by any means so I am going to sit back and watch that Mia for a good while, and see what changes my mind makes.
  7. I have the Mia in toast and I love it, but it's heavy.
    Maybe not as heavy as the Sienna, but still heavy as far as large bags go.
    I deal with it though, as it's such a nice bag. The leather is sooooo soft and I get compliments on it whenever I take it out.
  8. It looks similar to the mulbery phoebe except it has all the extra stuff on it instead of looking like the phoebe saddle bag. I think it's a great looking bag and I love the phoebe too.
  9. What's the shoulder length like? They say it's adjustable. I don't care for "armpit bags".
  10. Lexie2000 What's the shoulder length like? They say it's adjustable. I don't care for "armpit bags".

    Here's a picture from Looks a little longer than armpit length.
  11. I actually like that a lot!!!
  12. Yeeehaaaww!....just kidding Lexie2000! Yes, it does whisper a hint of cowgirl fashion, reminds me of a saddle bag too much. Nayyy on that one...sorry:Push:!