Another Kooba Paiges Little Sister

  1. I just found this on ELux. OMG!!! It's perfect. The Paige was a little too big. And I hated Raisin in the Paige but it's great in a smaller bag. I already called my Kooba person and got one ordered. I absolitely love it and it hasn't been anywhere until today or if it was I totally missed it. Take a look at the measurements tho. It's bigger than it seems...
  2. No one like this bag? Anyone have any comments. I am planning on purchasing it (waiting for confirmation) and wondered if anyone saw it in person.
  3. mmmm :angel:
    i like the large Piage more :tender:
    yet i like this one.. but my concern is for the raisin color, cause for me i cant classify it as neautural.. and it would be hard for me to match my outfit with it! :shrugs:
    but thats just me :upsidedown:
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