another kind of colorful collection (or what else do you collect in many colors? ;))

  1. so i was doing some spring cleaning today, lined up all my flip flops (or at least the ones i have with me in college) and realized that i am a compulsive collector of things in different colors. :p if only i had the corresponding bbags (vert d'eau, navy, pumpkin, black, white)!:graucho:

    does anyone collect anything else other than bbags??

  2. are those all havaianas?

    i have quite the collection of havaianas... but my only "bright" color is turquoise. the rest are pretty subtle.
  3. I have some vintage fiesta dishes and also pyrex refrigerator dishes with glass lids from the 50's........I really love these.
  4. I also have flip flops in a variety of colors... camisoles & tanks in pretty much every color of the rainbow.

    I used to collect eye shadows & nail polishes in a rainbow of colors, but that got kind of ridiculous for things I wasn't using. :p
  5. verty, yup all havaianas, i'd love to see your collection too. ;) i like buying them in bright colors so they add color to my outfit.. heheh if i could, i'd buy a whole range of bbags in bright colors! unfortunately, i have to start small first. ;) maybe i can progress onto the coin pouches next!

    cracker, i'd love to see the pyrex dishes, i'm interested in seeing what all the different colors look like!

    bags4bubbles, lol i know exactly what you mean. i'd always buy all these lipglosses in different shades of red/pink and i'd actually only use one all the time! ;) random sidenote, your cats are so cute together. :smile:
  6. If we are talking fashion.....

    JCrew t-shirts and cashmere sweaters.

    They make all these amazing colors that I go in there looking for one thing and end up bringing 3 or 4 home.
  7. they have them on eBay.........punch in pyrex refrigerator and they should come up. They're rectangle shape in red, yellow, blue and green. They're very 50's which suits my's decorated mid-century modern.
  8. I guess I collect different colors in a variety of things. I buy the same shirt in several different colors if I like it, nail polishes, MAC eye paints, etc.
  9. Manolo Blahniks. My first love.

    Fiest ware dishes also! It is fun to hunt down vintage pieces in disc. colors.
  10. LOL... thanks! This is what they look like when they are not fighting. :p
  11. yes, havianas, shoes (this particular style of prada pump...mmm, they look like candy to me) and....i think that's it??
  12. I own a truly jaw-dropping selection of eyeshadows. I'm scared to count 'em. I probably have 30 different shades of green alone. Considering that I wear neutral shadow about 90% of the time, it's a bit of a mystery.
  13. Havaianas are my fav:heart: I have a few pair w/me here, but the other half is back home - but I will take a pic of what I do have later :yes: Coin pouches & accessories in bright colors are always fab:wlae: