Another keyfob! I was on an ebay roll last night!

  1. I just received confirmation that my best offer of $35 incl. shipping was accepted. I had this little guy last year and stupidly exchanged it for something (I dont even know what now!), and seeing him in the wonderful collection photos last night sent me on a search! Im not big on all of the animal fobs but this guy just steals my heart!
    lion keyfob.jpg
  2. Very Cute!!
  3. That lion is so cute, Donna!
  4. Awww its so cute! Congrats
  5. So cute! I saw that Lion Keyfob at Macy's a couple weeks ago. It was adorable.
  6. Ah he is too cute, its funny how you can regret something, and miss is so much...
  7. I like that lion, too. He would look like royalty on any bag as he is king of the jungle. I need to go to Ace Hardware and buy some dogleash clips so I can turn keyfobs into charms. Otherwise I wouldn't use them because I like my current non-coach keyring that I use. I do not own any coach keyfobs yet but I really want the elephant.
  8. aww I love your new keyfob very cute!
  9. I am the same, I have been buying tonnes of keyfobs off eBay! (6 in a week, bad bad me). I haven't got the lion though, congrats it's super cute!
  10. Actually, make that 8. I just bought another 2 :shame:

    :heart: charms and key rings
  11. that is cute too you are on a roll
  12. Congrats, adorable!
  13. So cute! I've been looking for this keyfob too! Congrats!
  14. What a cutie!!!