Another Kelly Question

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  1. Many have asked these questions before, but perhaps you can see where my situation is, and let me know your input. You all have such great advice and I'd really appreciate it:

    I have a 35 Kelly retourne in black clemence and PH.

    I shall get a 28 Kelly retourne in cyclamen epsom with PH soon.

    I want a box kelly in black or deep blue in 32. Retourne or Sellier? Yes, I am pretty casual in my lifestyle, but I LOVE the sellier style, which tend to be more formal. But some people have been able to dress it down. I haven't seen a 32 sellier IRL, but the images just make me go ga-ga. I find lots of retourne through resellers, but few/none that are sellier.

    Input/advice? Should I get a retourne that would probably match my lifestyle more, or go for the grail bag that I may not wear much but love to look at?
  2. One of each....
  3. Go for your grail bag!!!
  4. Grail bag (ideally both). If you love it, you will find a way to wear it. I'm in jeans six days out of the week, but I manage to work in the sellier Kellys without them looking too formal or out of place (at least in my mind's eye!).
  5. Buy'em all!
  6. This is my Indigo (sometimes I think it's navy) Box Kelly 32 Retourne. I started loving the sellier before the retourne but right now, my lifestyle fits the retourne better.

    The 32 Sellier looks bigger than the 32 retourne and due to the structure I think the retourne will fit more stuff in there than the sellier. Are you looking for something (space-wise) in btwn your 35 and 28cm? if yes, than the retourne is a better fit :flowers:


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  7. Here's a 32cm Black Box Kelly Retourne..............I adore it and could easily go for a 28cm Black Box Kelly Sellier as well!!!!! It easily fits right into my super casual lifestyle especially with the canvas strap.......:yes:

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  8. shopmom, that Kelly and you are picture-perfect :love:
  9. Wow shopmom! You look fab. I want to get the bag and look like you!
  10. i would get the retourne first.
    sellier when your lifestyle is in demand of ms.dressy kelly.
  11. Unless space is an issue, I would get the sellier. This is the style that you say you love, and if you get the retourne now, you'll end up wondering "what if...should I have...oh hell, I'm gonna get a sellier too."

    While many say that the sellier is a more formal style, I happen to think you can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt and the right attitude. We seem to be living in a big floppy bag/tassels/crap hanging and swinging from everywhere era, which is why I think people associate the clean lines and structure of the sellier Kelly with formality.
  12. This is only my opinion, but the 32 in Sellier appears to be a much larger bag than a 32 in retourne due to the outside stitching.

    Depending on your size, a 32 sellier can overwhelm you.

    I would suggest getting a 28 sellier and a 32 retourne.
  13. I have many Kellys of different sizes and the one I use the least is my first, a 32 sellier. Although it is a beautiful color (gold) that goes with everything and I find it really beautiful, it is harder to get in and out of than my retourne Kellys. The sharp corners of the sellier Kelly make me feel the bag's presence whenever I put it down or carry it close to my body. It isn't so much that it hurts, but I can feel it, and therefore I prefer my retournes.
    That said, I would never get rid of this Kelly and I feel a special love for it whenever I take it out. It's just not my workhorse even though I had meant it to be when I chose this size and color. My workhorse bags are all retourne and 28.
  14. Since you have the "everyday" more casual 35cm black retourne, I'd go for a 28cm sellier to use for dressier evening events, or even with jeans.
    I know you'll feel like you're missing a 32cm but in sellier, they can feel quite large.
    If you want a 32cm, I'd suggest a Togo or chevre in a fun color!
  15. I'd go for the sellier if it's really the style you prefer. 28cm sellier will fit both your casual lifestyle and also be more formal.