Another Jumbo Story

  1. I was first on the WL at the local Neimans.. and I told you guys a while back my SA told me if I called one more time she would take me off- jokingly though..
    ANyway when all the bags started going around- no call from Neimans- i called them and they did not have bag yet.. I called Friday and was told they were in and only got 4 and people were WL I told her I was the top one.. No call back- I called this AM and the other SA I usually deal with answered and told me sorry I did not get the bag... I was so upset.. I was like but what happended- I was the #1 person- All of you confirmed that..
    Well low and behold my SA that i had WL for called back and said that because I did not leave a CC and I was paying cash- they skipped right past me.. she was not in on Friday- she told me the other day she had hilghlighted my name and wrote in BIG letters DO NOT SKIP.. I thought she was just jiving me- but my other SA later confirmed she did do all that- but my bag was given away because there was no cc and I had not pre purchased it- Was I a pissed BYTCH !!!! I wanted this bag so badly..
    Anyway I got a call back that they had to order me one and found it in the King Of Prussia-store, but I had to come and pay for it there today- so I did and I will get my back on Wednesday- Reg comp shipping would have taken 5 days- I got a 2 day and had to pay 18.50- and believe me I tried to manuever out of it- but I am just happy I got a the end-it was my regular SA that I normally buy from that found it- she told me I was one of her best customers and she pulled every string she could to get me this bag..
    So I am sending them both GIFT CARDS Wed/Thurs when I get my bag.....I had it shipped tp my workplace
    PHEW !!!!!!:cursing::cursing:
  2. i'm glad you finally got your bag...what bag was it?
  3. Sorry Red Jumbo In Caviar New Chains
  4. oh i see, congrats! it's gorgeous!
  5. So glad it ended well, but you having to pay shipping is ridiculous, when it was their fault you didn't get it there.
  6. I would have fought the good fight for that particular bag, too!! so glad it worked out for you and your new bag is on it's way :smile:
  7. Congrats, believe me I know how you feel and how frustrating it can be when u want this bag! But what she said about prepaying is not true. You do have to leave your cc number. But they call u first and ask if u want the handbag. I am getting one too. Even though I was on a few lists I never got called. A wonderful pfr did not want it and posted about it. I know how excited you must be! :woohoo:Please post pics!
  8. :yahoo: glad you got the bag in the end.
  9. Good thing you got it! It does kind of suck that you have to pay shipping since it was their error, but oh well. At least it's on it's way!
  10. after all the drama, you finally ordered it! congrats
  11. Neiman Marcus didn't seem excited to sell me a bag!!! I know how you feel
  12. glad you got your bag!! YAY!
  13. thansks all for the well wishes..
    Note they did offer to comp the regular shipping, but because I wanted 2 day I had to pay for that.. they did discount the 2 day- its 31.50- They only charged me the 18.50. I can not wait to get her-- I am envious(but happy ) for all the ladies who have theres now..

    LV2shop- thats what I thought or knew about leaving that CC- cause I did the same thing at Saks a few ago..cause my SA stated to me that- as soon as she calls I need to I can get it- I believe that one of the other SA's just took it and sold it cause my SA was not there...Thats why they jumped to get me another one ASAP.. Other SA might have just said OH well our loss..
  14. wow all that trouble! i'm still happy for you though. she's such a lovely bag
  15. Addisonshopper
    Just glad you got it! You will probably get yours delivered before I do, I got regular ground shipping, but we will both post pics. I can't wait to get it, should have over nighted too but will have to just wait and wait and wait..........:rolleyes: