another Jimmy Choo Ramona sighting

  1. From the Sunday Styles section in today's New York Times...


    NYT On the Street column March 4.jpg NYT On the Street column2 March 4.jpg
  2. I want this bag, so bad!
  3. Me too!! Hopefully one day....
  4. Count me in for one as well - desperate for one
  5. Seeing as there are quite a few of us who love JC, what are our chances of getting a Jimmy Choo Designer Forum?????
  6. ^That would be great! There are several threads already about JC bags.
  7. Ditto - alwats wondered why not. Someone needs to speak with a mod I reckon.
  8. Thanks for Posting Cosmopolitan:drinkup:
    I just love the Ramona and the XL Ramona is AWESOME:yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. So whos up for pming a mod?
  10. Maybe if we opened a new thread and could prove to the Mods that there would be enough interest we would get our own JC forum.
  11. what should we call it then??
  12. RIf

    Just started a new thread

    Lets see how it goes
  13. It is so pretty :yes:
  14. Nice bag. I love sighting pics :smile: