Another Jimmy Choo Must For Fall*******

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  1. Here are 2 more bags for Fall 2007:yahoo:
    I prefer the black Anaconda bag, but I am not sure if a structured bag is for me anymore:shrugs:

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  2. I love the one on the right :smile:
  3. The brown suede is gorgeous. Hmmm, thinking deeply about this one. I can't quite get into suede right now with it being so warm but if it is around later in the summer....:yes:

    The black anaconda is called the Katy. It is a past season and is showing up as a return. I ordered it and it is truly beautiful. It did have some wear spots and curling of the scales though. I imagined what it would look like after a couple of wears and returned it.
  4. Thanks for the info Samantha:blush: I did not realize it was from last season and I am happy to know it might not hold up as an every day bag, because I was really:drool: over it, but it was so structured and I wasn't sure if I could fit all my junk in it:confused1:
  5. Both look great, but the black one is really gorgeous.
    Thanks for posting!