Another Jess Bag - Can you ID?

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  1. I like this one, too...any thoughts?

  2. seen it from here, it seems like a BV woven bag
  3. yeah, it's bottega i think
  4. Yes, Bottega, I just saw it in Saks in red. Really cute bag, I think I might get one but I can't decide on color.
  5. I'm sorry, I was distracted by what she was definitely looks like BV. Very nice.
  6. It's a BV definitely. I love all the bags she carries!
  7. what a beautiful bv and color...
  8. Who makes that dress? I really like that outfit of hers!
  9. Hmmm..that's really nice. Anyone know what style or model of BV that is? :smile:
  10. Bottega Veneta Vallauris bag and Alessandro Dell'Acqua dress