ANOTHER jeans question - I'm so sorry! (Asians and Eurasians SOS please!)

  1. I'm after my first pair of designer jeans, so I'd like to get it right first time around...

    I'm eurasian and have a (I think!) fairly typical asian/eurasian body - straight up and down, no bum to speak of and skinny in the thigh.

    In particular, I'm after a pair with a low rise (not paris-hilton-brazilian kind of low, but say around the 7.5"-8" mark), as mid/high waists make my bum look terrible. I also like fitted jeans, but would like to avoid stretch jeans, as they tend to look like leggings.

    Oh, and something that will give the illusion of length/height wouldn't go astray! I'm always in heels, so the "petites" ranges are usually too short... what a dilemma - I sound like such a whinger LOL!

    ...any suggestions? thanks in advance!:heart:
  2. Hey, maybe I can help I'm Eurasian.
    Have you tried Victoria Beckham's line?
    Or Tsubi an australian line?
    What have you tried and it didn't work out for you?
  3. I have tons and tons of designer jeans because once you start buying can't stop. :biggrin: I love buying jeans now because I know which brands to buy from. I have long, very slender legs and I wear a size 0 or 2 so it's hard to buy jeans sometimes.

    I'm not sure exactly what kind of leg you want, so here is the 7FAM basic boot cut in dark wash.


    For me the jeans fit really nicely on my thighs and are long enough. (I live in Christian Louboutin heels.) Also this is a low rise (7 3/4 '')

    If you want a straight or skinny leg I can give you some more recommendations too. Best of luck!
  4. I would say go for sevens... i love the fit
  5. I, too, suffer from Asian flat-butt syndrome and am straight up & down with no hips. For some reason sevens don't fit me at all. My favorites are Tsubi/Ksubi, I live in the lean beans. Rokara fits me pretty well, too. You definitely have to try them on in the store, though, or at least order from a place that has a good return policy!
  6. I am also petite and it used to be very difficult for me to find jeans that fit nicely until I found Paige. Paige jeans fit me very nicely and it actually make me look like i have a butt :smile: . My friends told me that paige jeans make me look a taller, which is a plus. Hope you will like it.
  7. I love J brand jeans. Their 2% spandex does wonders for my asian bootie! It really makes it look more plump and my SO loves them as well!
  8. Finding jeans is a toughie (always a whole day thing). You need to try a lot of pair to find the perfect fit.

    If you got a small bum look for back pockets with extra fabric or design (eg. flap). Makes the bum more bootylicious

    Look for straight or slightly flare to elongate the legs
    I hear you about the stretch, just make sure the denim is thick if it does have lycra

    I love the Taverniti SO style Janis in biker wash, I live in these
    TAVE-WJ90_V1.jpg TAVE-WJ90_V3.jpg
  9. ^ I love those jeans! The pockets are really cute. I agree that if you have a flatter bottom you should look for jeans with pockets with a flap.
  10. Rock & Republic
    They have long jeans, and alot of straight leg denim that can look particularly good on asians.

    True Religion
    The joey fit (with flaps on the back pockets) adds "uumph" to your bum.
  11. I'm asian and 5'4 but always in heels [so really around 5'7-5'8, hehe] and I wear mostly rock and republic [jaggers have a 6.5" rise, keidis are about 7" and roths have a 7.5" rise], they elongate you [the washes are great] and have various lower rises that make your ass look great! I've been wearing mostly straightleg/skinnies lately and RRs are grrrrreeaaaatttt. Unlike other brands of skinnies I have, RRs stay up without a belt and still have the low rise.
  12. I don't have your body type, but a friend of mine does and her favorite jeans are Paige and J and company.
  13. I am also cursed with "Asian butt syndrome" and ALL of my pants have flap pockets on them. However, I didn't realize that it was advantageous, I just thought it was cute :p

    As for designer jean brands, I personally do not have any recommendations. (Designer jeans in Taiwan don't exist... the most "designer" would be Levis, Bobson, and Wrangler.) However, I seem to remember my very stylish gay friend recommending Diesel and R&R though. Good luck on your search! :flowers:
  14. littlepanda- I know what you mean about the designer jeans..I visit my grandparents yearly and in Korea most people do not wear designer, however a growing amount of young people are becoming obsessed with designer names. Usually the more upscale shopping places will have designer denim but it is hard to spot most of the time.

    The flap pockets really do add a little something to your bottom ;)
  15. I agree, I would go with Seven for all Mankind NYD bootcuts. The A pockets are also really nice.